Democrat Party Melting Down Over Fundamental Question: Stay Woke and Alienate 90% of Independents, Or Break from Wokeness and Alienate the Democrat Base of Wealthy White College Students, Guilty Wealthy White Suburban Professionals, and Minority Activists


Begun, the Woke Wars have.

James Carville laid the blame for the the election squarely on the Woke left, stating What went wrong is this stupid wokeness” and “some people need to go to a woke detox center or something,”He decried taking down statues of Lincoln and “changing dictionaries [instead of] changing laws” and “faculty type people that sit around moaning about, I don’t know what.”

Well this was all too much for Little Miss Thing to bear. Alexandria Donkey-Chompers goes full “ageist,” attacking James Carville as “older” for using term “wokeism.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., took to Twitter to slam Democratic strategist James Carville, and others, for blaming the party’s “wokeness” for Terry McAuliffe’s gubernatorial loss in Virginia, claiming that the terms is “almost exclusively used by older people.”

“How can news outlets even attribute words to me I didn�t say,” Ocasio-Cortez questioned in a tweet, linking to a report and another tweet from ABC 13 News in Virginia which quoted the New York congresswoman as saying McAuliffe lost the race because he was not “woke” enough.

“I said there are limits to trying to mobilize a campaign with a 100% moderate strategy without mobilizing the base,” Ocasio-Cortez added. “Said nothing [about] ‘wokeness’ which is a term almost exclusively used by older people these days btw”.

Ocasio-Cortez, a member of far-left progressive Squad, also claimed that the word “woke” is used primarily by “Carville and Fox News pundits.” She said statements targeting younger generations as “woke” by older Democrats will hurt “youth turnout” at the polls.

Gen Z did vote Democrat. Millennials split down the middle. Gen X and Boomers voted Republican.

Carville had also spoken about that — he said that it was woke politics that were “suppressing” the Democrats’ vote.

CNN’s Ashley Allison of course is all-in on neoliberal woke bullshit on Don LeMon’s nightly racist religious sermon.

CNN political contributor Ashley Allison called veteran Democratic strategist James Carville’s advice to steer aware from the woke agenda “highly problematic.” Allison, a Biden-Harris 2020 consultant, told CNN host Don Lemon on Thursday that Democrats should stop using words like woke and “start telling the truth.”

“In Virginia, yes, Democrats didn’t win but it wasn’t because Terry McAuliffe was a, quote, unquote, ‘woke candidate,'” Allison said. “I even don’t like that term, because what does that mean? A candidate that stands up for poor people, black people, people who don’t think that people should be killed at the hands of police? So, I don’t think James Carville is right on that, and it’s highly problematic if that’s what the Democrats are going to follow.”

“We should stop using words like wokeism, we should stop using terms like critical race theory to describe things that are not actually that,” she said. “We should start telling the truth. And what happened in Virginia is that Youngkin and the Republicans launched a campaign with race baiting language. That is the truth.”

From Andrew Sullivan’s substack column about the Virginia results: a Youngkin campaign strategist offered this assessment to “journalist” Ryan Lizza.

The Democrats are radicalizing, and they’re reacting to their base of their party and it is their base of the base. And because they live on Twitter and on the lightly watched cable news shows at night, they’re believing their own press releases and they’re putting themselves in their own bunker. And they will not be able to get out of it.


So what will the Democrats do? Double down or moderate?

They’ll double down.

I don’t just say this because they are crazy. I don’t just say this because all of the energy — and all of the money — in the party is with the lunatic left. 

I don’t just say it because the base of the base — the well-educated but not-very-smart white progressives who want vengeance against a world that doesn’t recognize their dubious genius, the aging Chardonnay Antifa well-heeled suburban Karen Extremists, the teachers union leftists, the Deep State bureaucrats, the minority grievance extremists/racial separatists, the trans extremists — own the party now.

I don’t just say it because their most important constituency of all — the leftwing media — is thoroughly mentally ill and full of hatred and grievance.

All those things are 100% true.

But more than that, it has been the pattern for a long, long time that no matter how low a president’s poll numbers drop, a president clings to his base and makes very few if any concessions to the middle. Trump didn’t really make any shifts to the middle or the left. He did pursue criminal justice “reform” — but that wasn’t a concession, he planned that from the start.

Obama governed as if he was President of Twitter.

Bush was always a moderate RINO, though we didn’t really appreciate that at the time, but didn’t make any major concessions to the left, especially not on the issue that was actually dragging him down, the war in Iraq. He did propose and pass Medicaid prescription drug coverage, but that didn’t seem like it was in reaction to falling popularity. He wasn’t really losing popularity too much in 2004. That just seemed like more Rovian scheming. 

Clinton stuck mostly with his leftwing base. He did make some moves intended to placate the moderates, but it was all symbolic stuff like supporting “school uniforms” in state schools, which the president has no power over. So he papered over his very liberal policy agenda with meaningless gestures to the cultural center like that.

So, no, neither Biden nor the Democrats will learn anything from this.

The rule of politics now is Dance With the One That Brought Ya.

The only thing that can change this is a truly epochal wipeout.

Which I certainly hope we deliver unto them.

I don’t want to support the GOP, but I sure don’t want to reward the socialist fascists.

Update: Someone laughed at me saying “dance with the one that brought ya” in connection with the GOP, which does nothing but spit in our faces.

True– and that was dumb to say.

Re-conforming my words to fit actual reality, I’d say the GOP sticks with what they take to be their base, which is Suburban Respectability-Craving Well-to-Dos and Large Corporate Interests. Those they stick with through thick-and-thin.

They’ll even deliberately throw presidential elections to appease them.