“If you were controlling the elections, and all voting was a meaningless fraud, you wouldn’t allow blowouts for your side. And on occasion, you would let pussy sellouts on the other side win too. But in every case, you would never let a “vote” end up outside of the 40 – 60 percent range. They would all be 45% 53% with a made-up independent to take the remainder 2%. You would never want there to be a consensus for or against anything. You would want voting and its impact to be completely ephemeral to everyone, because it would be. In fact, the more people that interpret the results correctly, that voting is a lie, and drop out the better it works for you. 

That would be a hell of a thing. I’m not saying that means you shouldn’t vote. But this system, left alone, cannot function outside trust. And we are outside trust. Not voting cannot fix the system, and just voting cannot fix the system. Perhaps being involved to a much greater degree than the public ever has in the details and monitoring of voting and electioneering can affect a change. That would require a public that believes that a successful society is arrived at through honesty, not just cheering the team the media picked.”