Marjorie Taylor Greene:

13 Republicans voted with Pelosi to spend $7.5 billion to build EV charging stations all over America to force Americans to drive CCP battery driven cars.

China dominates the EV battery market by over 80% & the US can’t even compete with less than 10% market share.

Those 13 Republican traitors who voted to pass Biden’s Socialist Infrastructure bill agree with Globalist Joe that America must depend on China to drive EV’s.

The unlucky 13 are China-First and America-Last.

13 American job & energy killers.

The current purge of Patriots in the police, military, FBI, DOJ, CIA, and many government agencies is the most dangerous movement silently happening in our country.

It’s happening on two fronts.

Trump supporters 



The purge is a critical piece to the Communist Revolution in America.

Purging their political opponents and anyone who won’t comply with their authoritarian demands are essential moves in communist countries.

After all, they can’t eventually use force on the people unless they fully control the enforcers.

It requires weeding out those that would stop or rise up in the ranks against communist control.

In other words, real Patriots.

A Patriot loves, supports, and defends one’s country.

An American Patriot is one whose loyalty lies with our Constitution and will defend our freedoms at all cost against tyrants that rise to destroy it.

American Patriots believe in God and that are all of us are equal.

When the days come where the ruling regime, the propaganda media, and the elites declare that the American Patriot is the enemy and the intelligence agencies hunt Patriots because they are labeled domestic terrorists then every American should take heed bc communism will kill us.