Good morning, kids. Thursday and scanning the links we have the good, the bad and the ugly. Or perhaps the thigh-slappingly-hilarious, the bad and the ugly. In the first category, which considering the bobodon in question would require a pile driver to slap her thighs, Stacey “Tank” Abrams has announced she will be running for governor in Georgia, which is funny in and of itself because she’s a joke, even compared to the cadaverous (and traitorous) Brian Kemp, and because I thought she’d be announcing her re-election bid since she’s convinced herself she actually won last time around. Meh, I better not laugh so loud considering what Dao-Min Yen did to Georgia’s two senate seats last time around.

And with that bit of levity aside, we turn to the bad.

Darrell Brooks Jr., 39, told Fox News Digital reporters from his jail cell from Waukesha County Jail he feels “dehumanized.” “I just feel like I’m being monster — demonized,” Brooks told reporters, according to Fox News. . . 

. . . [The alleged mass-murdering terrorist’s mother, Dawn] Woods said her family have been “torn to pieces” from the rampage that killed 6 and injured more than 62 others, adding that even though Brooks suffered from mental excuses throughout his life, she believes that the massacre was a result of him “not having the help and resources he needed,” according to FOX6.

“Not having the help and resources he needed.” Ho. Lee. Fook. For close to 60 years, this nation has spent upwards of $25 trillion dollars – and counting – on what was collectively known as both the Great Society and the War on Poverty. The most massive, all-encompassing welfare state that has ever been conceived and yet this woman comes out with a statement like that? Well, either one of two things can be inferred. She is a shiftless, lazy layabout who was too self-absorbed to even get off her fat ass to actually get her sonny boy the help he needed, or the help and resources she claims he never had were useless. Or, one more; sonny boy himself didn’t want to avail himself of any of these things. Meh. As we say around these parts “Embrace the power of ‘and'” for all of the above. 

In point of fact, the welfare state is worse than useless: it’s poisonous. Prior to 1965, the black American family was relatively stable and despite Democrat-created and enforced Jim Crow laws (ironically, the ones that Biden’s own solicitor general is actually arguing in favor of before the Supreme Court in the Dobbs case) black Americans in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War were moving up the economic ladder and poised to become a bulwark of the American middle class. And since the Democrat Party and the anti-American left rely on the disenfranchised and a vast underclass for their political power, the upward mobility of black America heralded the death knell of the Democrats. What to do? Well, for one thing, you open the borders and import millions of third world peasants, immediately registering them as Democrats (thank you Teddy Kennedy) and you weaponize the legitimate civil rights movement to foment resentment and hatred against the very people who gave it the political muscle in the first place: white conservatives, Judeo-Christians and the Republican party. You also use fake grievance as a means to stigmatize the precepts of self-reliance, personal responsibility and the work ethic as racist and white supremacist, to instill the illusion of helplessness and hopelessness. “Ain’t No Makin’ It” as the propagandists (who are, like Jay MacLeod, 99 44/100% white and leftist) claim.

Psaki-Psircling back to the wages of the welfare state, what used to be known as “relief” in the old days was temporary. The insidiousness of the War on Poverty was that it was, in point of fact, a War FOR Poverty. Within one generation, the government subsidized sloth and bastardy, destroyed the family and the work ethic and substituted Uncle Sugar as the parent. When you destroy the family – specifically removing the father from the scene – you target subsequent generations for termination, specifically young males. No discipline, no one to teach right from wrong, morals, values and ethics. You breed a generation of people hateful and resentful of their situation. And then the hustlers and the vampires like Jackson, Sharpton, Farrakhan, Ibram X. Krement, Rustoleum Hannah-Jones and the Democrat Party channel that hatred – at America as founded.

Let me be clear. Blacks in this country most certainly have gotten the shit end of the stick for a few hundred years. But so has every other ethnic minority group. And yet what have they and blacks done, at least until 1965 or so? The took their lumps, figurative and many times literal, and worked their asses out from under and got ahead. And it cannot be emphasized and underscored often and loudly enough: Whatever oppression and abuse blacks have suffered in this country was at the hands of and caused by Democrats and Leftists.I’m going off on tangents but there you have it.

There is absolutely no excuse for what Darrel Brooks did. But there is an explanation for it. 60 years of brainwashing. We cannot ignore it any longer because we won’t be able to ignore it.  

At seventy years old, Willie Horton is serving multiple lifetime sentences in a Maryland prison. His case was once famous enough that we can be reasonably certain that this recidivist monster will never again be released to commit another crime.

The nation is safe from Willie Horton. But the Democratic Party should not be. Thirty-three years ago, this generally unremarkable piece of detritus provided an important lesson to the American electorate. In 1974, Willie Horton and his accomplices robbed a gas station and viciously murdered its 17-year-old attendant. Convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole, he was locked up in Massachusetts for years, presumably ensuring that decent Americans would be safe from him from then on.

Unfortunately, despite a sentence that clearly provided no room for misinterpretation, the soft-on-crime Democrat government of Massachusetts, under then-governor Michael Dukakis, invited Horton to participate in an unsupervised weekend furlough program in 1986. Yes, you read that right: a vicious murderer was set free for the weekend, on purpose; he didn’t even have to plan a clever escape. As one would expect, Horton failed to return, and he did who knows what for almost a year, until he was finally caught in Maryland, having beaten and knifed an innocent couple, binding the man, raping his fiance, and stealing their car. . . 

. . . This case, better than any other at the time, clarified for even the most casual observer just how different the two parties’ views were — and remain — on the critical issue of public safety. Fast-forward to November 21, 2021. In the tranquil suburban community of Waukesha, Wisconsin, a vicious bigot named Darrell Brooks — free on bail with multiple pending felonies, one being his recent attempt to run over his onetime girlfriend with his SUV — allegedly drove through a Christmas parade, running down as many innocent people as he could, killing at least five, injuring some sixty more. . . 

. . . Everything that happened in his adult life (and likely his youth as well) went according to Democrat rules. Released on pitifully low bail again and again, even after bail-jumping… sentenced to time served, which was often no time at all, even for felonies, even for violent assaults…free even after trying to run over his girlfriend…free to record his malevolent, violence-advocating, anti-establishment, anti-white, anti-music versions of “rap” under the name Mathboi Fly. . . 

. . . Republicans warn against the race-hustling, class division, and generally intolerant rhetoric of BLM, Antifa, and their pop culture mouthpieces; today’s Democrats just double down on the venom, calling their foes “satanic,” “evil,” “oppressive,” and much worse on a daily basis. Democrats attack Israel to attack Jews; they imagine something called “white privilege” and demand we apologize for it; they deny our Founding Father’s great principles and accomplishments by calling them all slaveholders — yes, even the ones who founded manumission societies. Truth means nothing to today’s left if it stands in the way of their party line. . . 

. . . Is it any wonder that people like Darrell Brooks continue to push their luck, again and again, ever more violent, ever more destructive, ever more saturated with a level of hatred that could drive them to pick out innocent strangers from a crowd and mercilessly mow them down with a car? . . .

. . . If Willie Horton was the poster child of the 1988 election, then Darrell Brooks must be all that and more in 2022 and beyond.

The author makes some outstanding points and although he comes close, I think he misses a crucial difference between Willie Horton and Darrell Brooks. Unlike Willie Horton, Darrell Brooks is not merely an ultra-violent criminal and Democrats are not merely pro-crime. Darrell Brooks as loathsome as he is knew full well what he was doing and why he was doing it. While the criminal justice system and its alleged and actual disparities and shortcomings are used as a pretext to foment division, crime itself is now being used by the Democrats as an instrument of political terrorism. There can be no denying that.

Look at the mass gangs of looters. Look at what happened across America in the summer of 2020 in the wake of George Floyd’s demise. The anti-American left and the Democrat Party itself egged it on and cheered it on in the hopes it would redound on Trump’s campaign. And now, with everything the illegitimate junta has done since January 20th crashing and burning around and on top of us, it’s yet another distraction, if not an intimidation tactic. It was a miracle in more ways than one that Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted, though I doubt the junta will get that message. 

And going way back up to the top, we come to the “ugly” portion of the program. Demonic diabetic dilettante Sonia Sotomayor spewed out absolute raw sewage yesterday during the opening arguments of the Dobbs case at SCOTUS.

Mississippi Attorney General Scott Stewart challenged Roe’s standard of viability: that the state does not have an interest in protecting the life of a child until 24 weeks (six months) into pregnancy. Stewart argued that babies’ ability to feel pain before viability should play a role in determining whether the state should protect their lives.

“I don’t see how that really adds anything to the discussion, that a small fringe of doctors believe that pain could be experienced before a cortex is formed,” Sotomayor said while interrupting Stewart repeatedly.

In response to Stewart’s assertion that babies recoil from surgical instruments at as young as 15 weeks, Sotomayor argued that braindead people, who are considered officially dead in most states, can still sometimes respond to stimuli such as being touched on the feet.

“I don’t think that a response by a fetus necessarily proves there’s a sensation of pain or that there’s consciousness,” she said.

The estimable Terry Jeffrey reminds us that:

Between 1973 and 2017, according to numbers published this year by the Guttmacher Institute, doctors killed 58,177,540 babies in the United States. The National Right to Life Educational Foundation estimates that from 1973 and 2020, the number is 62,502,904.

It should be noted that before Roe blacks were on track to becoming something like 29% of the US population by the year 2000. As it is now, they are at 17% and falling. 

UPDATE: CBD informs me that blacks are actually at 12% of the population.

Someone ought to send an SUV-sized Candygram to Justice Sotomayor – and a giant wake-up call to black folks like Darrell Brooks. Because if black lives really and truly mattered…

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