You cant just drop the secret of elite pedophilia and adrenochrome on society. 

Why? Because it would cause complete societal collapse. IDGAF how “badass” you think you are – until you’ve actually seen what these sick fucks do to children, then you have no right to say trauma of that magnitude should be unleashed on people. 

You don’t heal an epidemic by creating another through way of PTSD and severe psychological trauma. 

HOWEVER. If you are white hats, and you want to lead the public to the truth, you do it bit by bit. You condition them, and subconsciously prepare them for what they are about to receive. 

So having said that, do you see what is happening? 

– Mask mandates for children. 

– Vax push for children. 

– Fauci’s experiments on animals. 

– Fauci/NY forcing children to take experimental HIV drugs. 

This is ALL establishing that [they] will, in fact, harm children. Once you see experiments on dogs and kids, the truth about pedophilia becomes easier to believe. 

Truth is coming up to bat…

AbsoluteConviction1776, Telegram


Fauci has officially fallen from grace. The Senior VP of PETA went on Newsmax to call for his resignation and then retweeted the interview. 

Torturing puppies is only the beginning. There will be more revelations that will unite all political factions against a common enemy.  – Danean, Telegram