Responding to JJmils’ comment at Spitballers (One Person’s Opinion)


Joe Lange:

Great spit ball JJ!

I do see a few blind spots though that I believe you are missing.

I believe there will be a new election because as I’ve stated in previous posts there is no way to certify the election because there is no way to know the true vote count not just in Trump’s race but every race.

The election has to be certified according to the constitution. Will the states certify not knowing the true vote count?

I don’t think so.

Second, it is not going to be a rematch of any kind.

There will be mass arrests before a new election. Exposing voter fraud and arresting the enemy is the whole point of exposing it.

I believe the democrat party will be completely destroyed.

I also think there will be many races across the country that will go uncontested because the democrat party is destroyed and many politicians arrested, especially democrats.

A couple more points.

You are assuming that Biden’s election is legitimate when we all know it isn’t and so does Trump and the military. It’s also an act of war with help from China.

That makes the whole thing illegitimate.

Do you know what that means?

We are already in a constitutional crisis.

That is the big thing you’re missing. That’s why the military is the only way.

We’ve never been here before so we can’t use past history as a guideline.

Also, there is certainly a provision in the constitution for something like this. In a constitutional crisis the military takes charge temporarily until a new civilian government can be established.

That’s a new election.

And the fact we cannot establish a true vote count how do we certify every race including down ballots across the country?

I believe a new election overseen by the military with voter ID in every state, no mail in ballots and no machines is coming.

It’s Trump’s plan to fix elections permanently, not be reinstalled.