Jojo Reyes, [Feb 5, 2022 at 7:20:35 PM]:

…I came across the tweets from

and she makes a great point, about how organized this whole trucker convoy operation has been, and not only in Canada but in other countries as well.  The planning and logistics alone, which includes providing and carrying supplies, like food, cooking equipment, snow equipment, radio and camera equipment, certain protocols upon certain contingencies, I.e. keeping track of one another, and/or enemy

combatants (in this case, BLM/Antifa agitators etc..), shills and griffs, who to trust and who not to trust when it comes to spreading the word through alternative media— it’s all sooo overwhelming and beyond anything a few groups of men could ever fathom to put together.  Behind this very well funded group are lawyers, law enforcement, fire fighters, local

Ottawa citizens as well as other Canadian citizens pouring their heart and soul towards their efforts and supporting them through food and medical distribution, despite the current winter conditions.  

We are witnessing the beginning of the dismantling of the world cabal, and I truly believe it’s just the beginning.  Truckers worldwide will follow, from Switzerland to New Zealand.  Not only truckers, but local drivers, communities, law enforcements, the labor market— I can see this leading to a huge campaign supporting WE the PEOPLE, helping one another fight tyrannical governments worldwide.  Perhaps, the military is truly behind this movement.  Only time will tell!  In a few weeks or less, TRUTH Social will be providing us with a voice— It will be the voice of the masses!  What a time to be alive!