The Current Western Propaganda for Ukraine Is Epic in Scale

“Everything is about writing a script, creating a narrative, building a ‘better story,’ where the globalists are the heroes. In essence, the ‘strategic power’ battle is for your mind…

Everything in modern warfare is storytelling.

Question all of it.

The stories of the 13 guards on an island telling the Russian naval ship to fuck off… yeah, turns out they surrendered. The ‘Ghost of Kyivpilot, the lady with the sunflower seeds etc., now all recognized as lies and propaganda.  And do not expect it to stop, because it won’t. Thus, the nature of warfare for your mind.”

Conservative Treehouse


Don Carter:

DJT also praised Putin for being smart, and vouched for him in that area by saying “I know him well, we got along well.”

The rest of it, being an “atrocity” and all… That is likely for optics, a pretence to appear as if he has no special knowledge or involvement about what is going on. Acting as if he has no other information than the propaganda being shoveled by fake news.

Can you imagine the field-day they would have if Trump suggested Putin may have a good reason for his actions?

What good reasons? Taking out the DS bioweapons facilities where they are putting final touches on the next plandemic? Or cutting off their funding, or taking out their 6,000 year old Kazerian command center(s)? Or, heaven forbid, all of the above?

I hope this is an accurate guess and that one day in the future, we CAN all sit back and “enjoy the show.” But right now, I don’t feel much like popcorn.

Joe Lange:

You nailed it.

The globe is being realigned in a good way and Trump is behind it and pretending he’s on the sideline.

He’s never been on the sidelines.

He changed the world the moment he was sworn in as president

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer:

Mike Lindell was just confronted by CBS News’ Robert Costa at #CPAC. He called him a “traitor to America“ and got everyone to chant “traitor! traitor! traitor!“