I’m trying to find visual evidence that the labs were destroyed. I checked all of the lab sites on Sentinel Hub and Zoom.Earth, did not see anything that confirms or disproves the destruction of the labs. In some places clouds obscured the sat’s pass, in others the resolution was too low or the satellite did not pass over that city on that day.

If anyone has evidence that they were destroyed, please put it in the comments.

If it is true that these labs were destroyed, the OSINT community WILL figure that out eventually. Or anons will and the OSINT community will try to debunk and end up proving the anons correct. Either way, the truth of this isn’t going be hidden for long. Soon as high res sat images emerge without cloud cover or high res SAR images are published, these sites are gonna be easy to see. 

Unless… they were not destroyed, but instead raided, looted, and disabled in some way. Given their very urban locations, that is a real possibility.