Good info. Media has never told us that the Ukraine military were bombarding their own people before Putin invaded.

Putin is going to end the slaughter. That’s what’s happening


I’m up in the air about Zelensky being on Trump and Putin’s side but some people smarter than me seem to think so.

Is he playing a role?


Is it because he couldn’t root out the corruption himself because the country is too corrupt and he doesn’t have much power? 

Totally possible.

Is Putin targeting the corrupt enemy and degrading their power in order to help Zelensky clean up the corruption?

Very possible.

But it’s still true Ukraine were slaughtering their own people, sent troops to their border before Russia.

He’s also asking nato for help which is to be expected but nato is completely corrupt.

I think a peace deal is coming and Ukraine will look very different.

How Zelensky acts after that will be the real story.

I’m gonna watch it all play out.

Don’t think it goes much longer


A lot of what we know we find out after the dust settles.

Deception is required in war and it’s happening purposely on both sides

Germany announces major defense policy shift in face of Russia’s Ukraine invasion

Germany is committing 100 billion euros ($112.7 billion) to a fund for its armed services, Chancellor Olaf Scholz said during a special session of the Bundestag on Sunday.


I want you to read this article and get past the headline story.

There is a lot going on that we are unaware of.

Things are changing worldwide.

There’s a nugget in this story that I believe is a peek behind the curtain.


This little part of the story.

Germany committing to 2% GDP spending on it’s own defense which it has never done.

Finally keeping it’s commitments.

A new global alignment is coming.

Our troops are coming back from Europe. The writing is on the wall and they all know it.

Does NATO survive?

I’m on record saying it’s dismantled because it’s completely corrupt.

Here’s the nugget from the story.

Riho Terras, a member of the European Parliament and former defense chief for Estonia, wrote on Twitter praising Germany’s decision.

“Chancellor @OlafScholz just made a super strong statement at the Bundestag. Military expenditure to more than 2% of GDP, thoroughly strengthening the Bundeswehr, building new LNG terminals to break free from Russian gas.”

Riho Terras


Chancellor @OlafScholz just made a super strong statement at the Bundestag. Military expenditure to more than 2% of GDP, thoroughly strenghtening the Bundeswehr, building new LNG terminals to break free from Russian gas. A strong unified Europe und wir werden es verteidigung!

4:40 AM · Feb 27, 2022




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Germany was among the NATO member states criticized by former President Donald Trump for failing to meet the organization’s minimum commitment of 2% of GDP to defense spending. It’s also been called out for its apparent reluctance to levy strong sanctions on Russia, given Germany’s heavy reliance on Russian gas, which makes up about 30% of its energy supplies.


Spit Ball

March Madness

March is about to start.

I know pointing to dates of events and making predictions has been a fools folly and caused disappointment.

I’ve been there. Got my hopes up and had them dashed.

Clearly there is a plan in effect, already happening, not just to fix the corruption in America but globally.

I am not an insider, I know nothing of the plan or timing of any of it.

So take this with a grain of salt.

This is just my Spit Ball and what I think I see playing out and my gut speaking to me.

March is going to be huge. It will light the fire.

Think about what’s been happening lately compared to last year in March or the year before.

Literally every day now we are getting confirmation of us winning this war, sometimes multiple things in one day.

That wasn’t happening last March.

We have had a year of Biden as the installed president after a stolen election that is obvious to everyone because even close to 40% of democrats think there was fraud in the 2020 election.

But now the whole country has seen a year of Biden as president.

To say it’s been a disaster is a huge understatement.

Commentators on the left are saying it’s horrible and many are “admitting” it’s the worst start to a presidency in history.

Jimmy Carter is the happiest man on the planet.

Biden’s forced mandates are collapsing as democrat governors and mayors with the coming midterm elections are throwing Biden under the bus.

He’s losing everywhere.

He’s lost every single lawsuit against his mandates and EO’s.

The democrats poll numbers are collapsing and Biden is the millstone around their necks.

It’s only going to get worse and they know it and can’t do anything to stop it.

Inflation is going through the roof.

The Fed is about to raise interest rates which will kill the market and the economy at the same time.

All of this is what’s called “setting the table”.

For what?

March and April.

What happens on the very first day of March?

Biden gives his State of the Union speech.


There are no coincidences my friends.

The whole country has witnessed the worst first year of a president and are feeling the effects daily and Biden is going to go before the American people and try to paint it as a great accomplishment which will fail and turn off more democrats.

It will be yet another red pill dispenser for the normies.

But the bigger thing will be the media trying to spin the first year as positive further damaging their credibility with the majority of Americans.

Trump is destroying the democrat party and their only weapon, the media to free us of their evil.

So on the first day of March Biden puts up his positive spin on what he’s done for America with Trump off the stage and nobody to blame.

Not a coincidence Trump gave a State of the Union type speech at CPAC right before Biden’s speech.

Quite the contrast for the American people.

What comes right after Biden’s “rosy picture” of America?

My spit ball.

Fed hikes interest rates and stops pumping money into the market.

Market and economy tank.

That unifies the country because hitting people in their wallets has always been the greatest wake up call.

Then Durham takes center stage.

Joffe indictment.

Then Elias indictment.

Both indictments point straight to Obama and the democrat party.

No way for the media to spin it so they will try to ignore and downplay.

That’s where TruthSocial takes center stage.

Perfectly timed launch.

There’s a Q post telling us to get ready.

I’m a huge college basketball fan and spent the day watching a ton of great games.

7 of the top ten teams in the country all lost yesterday.

That has never happened before.

Harbinger of things to come?

I think we are all about to witness things we never imagined we would see in our lifetime.

I believe it kicks off in March.

Q post


10-Mar-2019 10:09:20 PM CDT



Shall We Play A Game?

How many Tweets has POTUS ‘forwarded’ in the past 12-hours?

Definition of NOUN

any member of a class of words that typically can be combined with determiners to serve as the subject of a verb, can be interpreted as singular … See the full definition


Spit Ball 


It’s time for a heart check my friends.

Fear is a powerful thing.

Definition of fear from Merriam Webster dictionary 

fear noun


Definition of fear (Entry 1 of 2)



: an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger



: an instance of this emotion


: a state marked by this emotion


: anxious concern : SOLICITUDE


: profound reverence and awe especially toward God


: reason for alarm : DANGER

It’s not a coincidence that the enemy uses fear to divide people.

Division is how the enemy wins and the only way to accomplish it is by fear.

They have used fear our whole lives to control us.

The Cold War.

Fear of nuclear war with the Soviet Union.

NATO money laundering.

Fear of drug cartels.

Remember the war on drugs?

Did the drugs coming into the country become less or more? 

Global cabal profit?

Fear of financial collapse.

We had to bail out Wall Street and print money in the trillions.

Who got richer and who got poorer?

Wall Street or Main Street?

Fear of terrorism.

An unending war in Afghanistan that Trump ended.

Went on for 20 years and trillions of dollars unaccounted for.

A military industrial complex/global cabal money laundering operation.

Fear of a pandemic.

Complete global economic lockdown.

Perfect excuse for mandates and full government control.

These are the fears the enemy has used our whole lives to control us.

Be encouraged.

Encourage others.

“Strengthen the feeble hands, steady the knees that give way; say to those with fearful hearts, “Be strong, do not fear; your God will come, he will come with vengeance; with divine retribution he will come to save you.””

Isaiah 35:3-4 NIV

The enemy fears too my friends!

They fear what they know is coming and can’t stop it.

Want to know what they fear?


It’s coming!

“The Lord reigns, let the earth be glad; let the distant shores rejoice. Clouds and thick darkness surround him; righteousness and justice are the foundation of his throne. Fire goes before him and consumes his foes on every side. His lightning lights up the world; the earth sees and trembles. The mountains melt like wax before the Lord, before the Lord of all the earth. The heavens proclaim his righteousness, and all peoples see his glory.”

Psalms 97:1-6 NIV


You could be right. I think him being on the sidelines as our country is cleansed was always the plan but he will need to be president again to clean up the rest of the world in my opinion


That could be right but then why isn’t the Ukrainian military stopping it?

Why would the Ukrainian military allow it in the first place?

I think the Ukrainian military is corrupt just like NATO and our Pentagon


But where is it being reported?

I haven’t seen that anywhere and the SP futures right now are down over 100 points, gold shot up over $1900 again and oil is back up near $100 a barrel again.

A new inflation number comes out on March 10 and that’s after I’m sure Biden calls for trillions in spending at his State of the Union speech.

For them to hold an emergency meeting and do nothing seems unbelievable to me and will only make the crash worse


If that happens that would crush Biden’s State of the Union speech Tuesday.

I hope it happens!


Good spit ball!!

I myself believe all the rules have changed.

Biden is illegitimate and if Trump is actually a president in exile as Slag has suggested then is he still serving as president now?

Or when he returns will he get another four years?

I’m out on a limb in thinking Trump deserves to get his first four years too as a do over.

He was at war the moment he was sworn in and an enemy that had infiltrated our government and entire society robbed him of accomplishing everything he could have in his first four years.

He got more accomplished than any president even with the attacks from everyone constantly but I still thinks he deserves 8 full years.

I doubt it will happen though


I was thinking them making an announcement Monday to raise rates.

If that happens before his speech it would be great!