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 ðŸ‡ºðŸ‡¸Good Morning Spitballers!🇺🇸 

No, the chat isn’t open just yet but whilst you’re waiting, here’s a few links to recent shows & podcasts from some amazing Patriots that we think you will enjoy! 

So pour yourself a cup or Morning Joe and catch up on the shows below! ☕

Catch up on the latest Devolution Power Hour with special guest Patrick Gunnels – State of the Union 


Next up is Duane Cates with his latest “THUNDERDOME!!” HOLD THE LINE AGAINST THESE CLOWNS! 


Make sure you catch up on Jordan Sather’s latest episodes on Ukraine and War Propaganda below! 



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Hi Spitballers and amazing Patel Patriot (John),

I read “Devolution 17” and then I listen to great Patrick Gunnels (what an amazing work).

If you have read or listen all Devolution series or even a few and you still have doubts Trump and the patriots have devolved the goverment and are in control…

Don’t know what to say! 

Moreover, as things happen and Devolution series progress some how we have to say:

“We are watching a movie”


Are you enjoying the script?

I am. And I feel It is going to be Biblical, is not a catch phrase.

Have all of you a great day and God bless you!