As Petro Oleksiyovych said there – “sell” to the Ukrainian people on the anniversary of the revolution … “Achievements”

Cynical words of cynical people. He sold hope and robbed everything else.

As you can see, Biden assures Poroshenko that no one is going anywhere.

On the contrary, Biden assures Poroshenko that he influenced President Trump’s transitional administration.

We would not care if it did not concern the creation and protection of corruption schemes, instead of fighting corruption. A real fight against corruption.

Another recording worthy of your attention is the discussion between Poroshenko and Biden of the newly elected US President Donald Trump. Let’s listen.

Lots to digest here– speaks to the degree of Biden-associated corruption in Ukraine, kept under wraps by our intel agencies for years. 

[Very long, but easy to skim and get the picture of just how criminally corrupt the Biden family has been for decades.]