It’s not hypocrisy, it’s hierarchy

We’re at the point that if you say you don’t think threatening to assassinate world leaders is a good idea you are immediately labeled. What a sad state of affairs in the West. We are so stupid.

There’s no bigger chicken hawk than Lindsey Graham 

Nothing but big talk that the families of the American people should go and fight in endless wars that he will never lift a finger to fight himself 

Chicken Hawk Lindsey

Good morning to everyone except Russiagaters who helped start this war

Your Daily Reminder:

Daily reminder that chicken hawk Lindsey Graham told police to open fire on the Jan 6 protesters

Live reaction to Lindsey Graham nutbaggery on @Timcast IRL last night

They lied about Zaporizhzhya because they want to pull the US into the war 

The lies will become bigger

It’s going to get worse

Has Lindsey Graham or any of these psychopaths even considered who would take over if Putin is assassinated? 

Think beyond Step One