From Posobiec’s Telegram page:

OPEC and arms dealers are the ones winning this thing and playing every angle they got

Wake up

We have US officials publicly acknowledging they want to launch bloody regime change operations in Russia. Plays right into Putin’s statements. At least they’re honest about it this time.

Biden headed to Delaware. Kamala headed to Europe. Graham calling for assassination. 

Does any of this seem like the ‘adults’ of the US government are taking Ukraine seriously?

Can someone please explain to Lindsey Graham what happened the last time some people came and assassinated the leader of Russia

BREAKING: Russia just banned Facebook

Russia has now banned Twitter, Facebook, and the BBC

The Biden-Obama policy was to give Iran a nuclear deal rather than escalate tensions, but to go ahead and escalate tensions with Russia and risk provoking a land war 

Make it make sense

Nancy Pelosi Says GOP Reps Need To “Shut Up” About Dead US Troops In Afghanistan

Should they rub their hands in glee and smile about it instead?

Jack Posobiec calls for Lindsey Graham to resign after he publicly called for Putin’s assassination

“You need to resign,” Posobiec said on air, continuing calls for the senator’s resignation into Friday morning.

Lindsey Graham & John McCain in Ukraine in December 2016 preparing for a proxy war with Russia all the way back then.

Then, Trump came in and stopped it all from happening.

There’s a war on for your mind