“Yup. Declaring a national emergency and then ending it is an executive branch power.

Even if the Senate managed to muster the required # of votes to override Biden’s veto, I don’t think he’s required to do what they tell him to.”

— Brian Cates

“Of course. “Emergency Powers”, once claimed by government, are relinquished only with great reluctance (if ever at all.)  Power is intoxicating to politicians.

To those of you old enough to remember how flying used to be before TSA: take note.  That is how ‘permanent states of emergency’ play out. Politicians worldwide now want the equivalent of TSA for “pandemic management”– now and in the perpetual  future.

The laws allowing spying on US citizens that were granted under emergency power post 9/11 have also never been given up.  Those of you who know what I used to do for a living in my 30’s understand why that greatly troubles me.”

–CognitiveCarbonPublic, Telegram

(Meme by The Kate Awakening)

“Biden is about to graphically demonstrate over the next several weeks that the national emergency we’re under goes beyond just COVID-19.  Which is why he can’t end the national emergency.

Remember what I’ve been saying: he will never meet the conditions that would allow him to remove the national emergency.” — Brian Cates