By November, even many of the most stubborn Biden voters will be forced to realize a vote for Democrats is a vote for killings = themselves, destroying their businesses and harming their family. I’m not joking. It will get so bad, many of them WILL finally snap out of it.  And when they do, their rage and sense of betrayal will need tempering and guidance. Be ready to help them.

Brian Cates


“To think the un-awoke haven’t a clue. My daughter is a conservative and voted Trump but she’s on Ukraine side. She has no idea of the intense drama.”

 “I believe the democrats and most world leaders know Trump is still in charge. They all know what’s coming and can’t stop it. Everything is being played out for the normies sake. They haven’t been part of the Great Awakening yet but it’s coming.’

“Why are you watching MSM? Stop that.”