My Spitball is Trump never wanted the Election fraud to be shown as he knew Putin was set to invade Ukraine in the spring of 2022 and no way could he be the sitting president if the plan to defeat NATO..WHO and the one foul swoop destroying the corrupted banking system as well as the covid creating Biolabs. Remember Trump calling out it was from cha cha China? Another false flag he knew it was created from the enemy within…DEVOLUTION was created on the evidence “WE HAVE IT ALL” ..The storm is definitely upon us..Hold on Patriots the BEST IS YET TO COME.

They took control of the narrative. Makes sense. Release damaging info in sequenced or maximum impact.

Pence=Israel, grenell =Serbia , Pompeo=Taiwan all about the same time. What is really going on. Next phase being enacted? I believe each has a distinct role and are carrying out their plan in devolution.

I suspect getting our allies in line and confidentiality letting them know that something is coming and don’t be afraid and don’t be alarmed.

Putin and others are doing a good job of exposing the cabal; there is so much coming out, the lamestream media is having a hard time covering up or spinning.  The cabal have lied so much, and those lies catch up with people; they say the coverup always gets you when you are a liar.

Spitball (I did a spitball that looked like this, a few months ago but my knowledge on everything going on right now has massively improved since then, so I’m updating and improving it):

When Trump ends his speeches, he says these words:


We will make America powerful again

We will make America wealthy again

We will make America strong again

We will make America proud again

We will make America safe again

We will make America united again


With these simple sentences, could he be telling us what he’s gonna do when he returns?

Could making America powerful again mean getting rid of the enemies within its borders such as the 100K enemy combattants list that Jingwei reportedly brought over, the corrupt politicians controlling the lives of the people and of the country as a whole and so on?

Could making America wealthy again mean destroying the Fed, creating a more stable currency (likely a gold-backed system) and just generally wiping out the financial system ran by the Rotschilds?

Could making America strong again mean restoring its image abroad and within its borders? Cause what’s coming in the US is gonna have global ramifications all over the planet…

Could making America proud again is banning CRT for good, restoring patriotic education and so on?

Could making America safe again mean closing the border once ending wars once and for all?

Could making America united again mean uniting the country against the Dems, the Deep State and the RINOs that have led the US to this point?

And lastly, could making America great again mean all of the above combined?

I think the answer to all the above questions is a clear and unmistakable YES!

I believe DJT is telling us what he’s gonna do once he gets back in, one way or another. After all, he did tell us that “The best is yet to come”

Let’s trust him!


MAGA forever!

Just my take on things