“There’s been a lot of information and new developments dripping out slowly pertaining to the US DoD funded biolabs in Ukrainian. Let’s do a quick summary of how it started, how we got to where we are now, and what is likely coming down the pipe.

Started on the night of February 24th, immediately after Russia begins calculated missile strikes in Ukraine. I didn’t know this would happen nor did I believe Putin would move into Ukraine. However, I knew the narrative we were being told was a lie, so naturally I began to dig.

None of the airstrikes made sense. Maybe 3 hours into the strikes I recognized they were targeting central and western Ukraine, not just the East, which we were told was the area in question. I began poking around, found a map of US Biolabs in Ukraine, found the US embassy page with the Biological Threat Reduction Program in Ukraine, and I pieced it all together in a thread that went viral.

I was quickly banned by Twitter, but not before the thread and discovery spanned the globe in the wee hours of the morning. 

To be clear, I’m not the first person to be onto the labs in Ukraine, investigative journalists George Webb and Dilyana Gaytandzhieva have been talking about these for years, I’m just the guy in America who put it in a thread in a small and digestible manor, suggesting Putin was moving into Ukraine specifically due to the allegations of US bioweapons production near their borders.

My thread and myself have since been cited and smeared by:



-USA Today


Probably more. Every single left wing media branch are saying these findings are all “Qanon, Russian Propaganda, Conspiracy Theories”, etc etc. despite me never citing or quoting Q, nor did any of my information come for Russia, nor was it ever a theory. 

Shortly after, Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland admitted in sworn testimony before Congress, stated that the US does have biolabs in Ukraine and they are deeply concerned Russia will get their hands on our research.  

At this point, mainstream right wing media was given the green light to talk about the biolabs. Segments from Jesse Watters, Dan Bongino, Tucker Carlson, Maria Bartiromo, Steve Bannon, Alex Jones, etc. All admitted they thought this was a kooky conspiracy theory, but now they are all on board. 

Which then led to the UN Security Council convening an emergency meeting to discuss the accusations from Russia. Which resulted in China, India, Brazil, Mexico, and Gabon agreeing with Russia (3.2 Billion people) that there needs to be an investigation into US biological research in their 330-ish labs around the world. 

After this point, I was notified by a US intelligence agency that they know who I am, are curious if someone I’m close to is passing me classified information, and if I have any contacts with foreign entities. As much as I’d like to think I’m James Bond/Edward Snowden 😂 I’m just an Infantry grunt with an iPhone. 

Despite all of these real world actions, today, NBC decided to double, triple, and quadruple down on the American propaganda and try to say these revelations are part of a Russia disinformation campaign and a “conspiracy theory”. The US media are out of ammunition and can only desperately deny the undeniable reality that two world superpowers and more, are accusing the US of producing biological weapons. Filed on the highest diplomatic channel on the planet. 

US diplomats are playing semantics and trying to cover up their crimes with word play. The US embassy scrubbed their links pertaining to the US DoD funded biolabs in Ukraine, but not before we archived it and shared it around the world. The media complex are trying to establish a narrative to suggest Russia plans to use a “false flag” and unleashed these bioweapons. The same weapons they claim that they didn’t make. They can’t put this cat back in the bag. It’s out.

So now what? Now we are waiting on further action from the UN, the result of the peace talks in Ukraine, more evidence of biological weapons that Russia claims they found, and the next saga of this war in which China intends to move into Taiwan; another location with a peculiar amount of US funded biolab activity. 

Where does this end? It ends with the BIG secret being exposed, that C19 was a US NIH creation that leaked from a DoD funded lab in Wuhan, China. Whether it was created then transported there, or created on site, I cannot confirm, but based on the emails declassified by Congress via the FOIA, we see the NIH knew it was a created experiment that leaked from Wuhan, and they tried to cover that up as well. 

What are the consequences? Crimes against humanity, and the invoking of Articles V and VI of the Biological Weapons Convention, resulting in multi-lateral investigation into the US lead by the UN Security Council. And if incontrovertible evidence were to be brought forth, as Russia and China suggests, there will likely be trials via International Military Tribunals, composed of military judges and prosecution teams from multiple countries, see Nuremberg. 

Does this all happen? I’m not sure. But if it doesn’t happen, we don’t have international laws and we don’t have diplomacy. IT HAS TO HAPPEN. The US MUST be held accountable. I don’t know what more evidence we need to bring forth, other than C19 and the effect it had on the world. 

What WILL happen? The US media complex and establishment politicians will continue to lie and deny anything and everything in an attempt to cover their asses. And We the People will continue to fight until those responsible are held accountable for these heinous crimes. We will demand the ultimate punishment, and put in place failsafes, to ensure these activities never happen again. 

I’m not sure when, or how, but WE WILL WIN. This is the entry point to hold all aspects of the deep state accountable. This is the story that incites the most panic amongst their ranks. Do not let up. Do not stop advancing. Do not relent. This is our final stand. 

Sic Semper Tyrannis

The Colonel’s Corner responds:

Interesting comments. Biden admin is on both sides of the conflict. Could it be they are illuminating the way it’s always been done? So in your face a kindergartner could see it? The cabal has ALWAYS funded both sides of every conflict. I can hear them shouting “can you hear me now? Can you see it now?”