57-40: Senate votes to repeal the CDC COVID-19 mask-mandate on public transportation via the Congressional Review Act. Joint resolution by Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) now heads to the House. WH opposes it.

Pretty sure Joe Biden can cost himself another 5-6 points in the polls by vetoing this bill to repeal the mask mandate for public transportation and insisting all travelers on planes, trains and buses continue to wear the useless cloth over their faces.

The buyer’s remorse on Biden has been epic and it is growing.  By the time November gets here, maybe up to half the Democrat base will have deserted. There’s little enthusiasm. And I”m sure Biden will find a way to kill whatever enthusiasm is left by the time the vote is held.

And pay attention here: they do need a base of SOME SIZE in order to steal it.  When your base has shrunk by at least 1/3rd since 2020, you have to come up with millions more fake votes just to get BACK to the level you could steal it at in 2020.  And this time? Seth Keshel and an army of patriots are on the march. We are going to F**kING WIN this fight.  Virginia showed us all the way.

“Oh they might not even let us vote this November.”  I realize people just say stuff on here without thinking about it.  There are 400 million guns in this country.  Saying “they’ll tell us there won’t be an election and half the country rolls over and plays dead” is so stupid I can’t even believe I’m having to deal with it.If all you’re gonna do is just hang around my channel to say stupid fearmongering shit like “we may all starve by November” or “There won’t be an election this November, they won’t allow it.”  you’re scaring yourself with your own stupid self-talk and my channel is not the place for that.

–Brian Cates