Looking at the head and shoulders pattern I’m now thinking Brnovich indictments might trigger the market crash possibly


I posted an article this morning. Some of the bond yields have already inverted so we are going into recession. Spending will continue because of tax returns


It’s all going through Maricopa county to the SC. It’s been the plan since 2018.

Q picked that county out for a reason


Sure they do. They rule on “all” things constitutional and when they see this entire election was unconstitutional and also an act of war they will fulfill their oath and toss it. Not pretend their hands are tied


I agree completely. The SC will toss the election but not reinstate Trump.

There will be a new election.


Because Congress will get removed along with Biden


Only MAGA candidates will be left and my guess is it takes place in 2023


Yes. We must see the mass arrests and at least some trials I’m thinking


Yes, I think the military has all the evidence of election fraud and treason.

They don’t have the actual legal vote count in my opinion which means at some point a new election is coming


I agree. The whole point of this is to bring justice and prevent this in the future otherwise it’s all in vain


No. I was going to Vegas about 4 or 5 times a year in my twenties. Always winning money. I played Blackjack only and always paid for my trips and most times brought back thousands extra.

But they opened up casinos at Indian reservations all over Washington where I lived and I could go play blackjack on the night before my day off and make more money in a night than I would make all week.

I seriously thought about doing it full time.

What stopped me?

My job had good healthcare coverage for my family and cheaper than most jobs plus a pension.

So I treated it like a part time job instead.

But that was many years ago.

Seems like a different life


Plus, the reason I think it’s been the plan all along is because the normies accept everything that comes from the Supreme Court.

If the Supreme Court tosses the election for fraud the media has no counter narrative to that.

The normies will automatically believe it and accept it.

Game over and Trump knows it.


There’s two problems I see with that.

First, there is no way to possibly certify a vote total because there is no way to verify legal and illegal votes in every election race across the country without a forensic audit in every county because we know there was cheating across the country.

And there is no way to know the amount of legal votes never counted because they were destroyed before being counted.

Without a true vote count you cannot certify an election which is required by the constitution.

And what about all the down ballot races across the country or are we only concerned about Trump’s race?

And is Trump trying to get back in office or fix elections permanently?


I was born there but not raised there. I grew up in Arizona near the Litchfield area.

The only time I spent in Vegas was to spend time with friends gambling and partying.

Then on the last day, I would rent a car and go surprise and spend the day with my grandmother.

My trips were always great.

Lincoln’s ‘Greenback’ Notes Saved America Once–but Can They Save It Again Now?

When history books are written by a corrupt elite establishment, when they hold all the power, that which …


Here’s the link about Lincoln creating the Greenback to defeat the central banks which is the real reason he was killed.

Something similar is coming again.


Their sole job is to rule on what’s constitutional and what isn’t. That includes elections and we don’t treat one that everyone knows was unconstitutional and an act of war as if it is constitutional and the rules apply to it.

It’s like saying there is no difference between the person who stole the diamonds and the person who bought the diamonds. The court has no say in it because the thief is in possession of the diamonds.

I’m confident this has always been the plan.

Let’s watch it play out


I think you might have misunderstood my analogy.

It was comparing a legal election to an illegal election.

A person who walks into a jewelry store and buys the diamonds legally and the person who walks into the store and steals the diamonds.

The judge gets to see the evidence and make a determination on the guy who stole them.

That’s his job. To rule on the law.

A stolen election is no different.

It was either stolen or it wasn’t.


I agree. They would not be upholding their oath and would then become enemy combatants including all three justices Trump appointed and I don’t believe that is the case at all.

They are waiting for the one case Trump has referred to several times that they haven’t seen yet but it’s always been the plan


Listened to Devolution 19 and what a gift Patel is to our truth movement.

He’s a gifted researcher with great discernment.

Such a blessing!

What I love about Patel’s research is that he can dig and find the info that puts the meat on the bone to a lot of what I’m seeing.

I remember seeing a lot of things happening that were telling me Trump was still an active president because of executive branch actions happening going directly against Biden’s administration.

Then Patel came out with Devolution 13 which had the receipts for Trump’s EO setting up the shadow presidency.

And now this article which I believe proves something I’m seeing also which is a parallel strategy to defeat the hidden enemy.

There’s the public strategy that is for the normies and those not red pilled yet and know nothing about the hidden enemy like the central bankers.

You have to slowly feed them the info and “show” them by indictments.

That’s what’s coming.

Lots and lots of indictments.

But at the same time our military and law enforcement have been on the offensive from day one in the background going after the hidden enemy.

Breaking up their criminal enterprises, cutting off their funding and arresting the lower level people.

It’s a two pronged strategy.

One weakening them while the other being a Great Awakening of the global populace that will insure victory and freedom for the first time in forever.

Great job Patel_patriot


I hope not. I might be broke. But I won on the Afghanistan Taliban spit ball and also the Ukraine Putin spit ball so we’re pretty close to even.😁

The SC ruling will put me over the top I think


Truly I’m not trying to argue with you JJ cause you are a very smart woman who I love chatting with.

But think about something.

If you agree with me that the SC could hear a case and also see for themselves the evidence of a conspiracy to steal an election with help from China which is an act of war, do you really believe they will say, sorry folks but the 25 Amendment prevents us from tossing an unconstitutional election?

Wouldn’t they become enemy combatants at that moment?


But courts have ruled on elections many times in the past. The constitution doesn’t say that they have no say in elections. Their purpose is to make sure things are constitutional, including elections.

Trump himself pointed out an election in New Jersey that was tossed by a judge for fraud.

There has already been precedent of courts ruling on the constitutionality of elections.

The plenary power over elections by the state legislatures gives them the power to make laws regarding elections in their states.

But they cannot make laws that violate the constitution just because they have plenary power.

It’s the whole reason many of these laws that were changed illegally in 2020 were sued in courts.

That’s where the law and the constitution is supposed to be upheld.

That’s how the system was set up.

If the SC takes a case and sees the evidence and doesn’t act I will be calling them all enemy combatants.

My opinion is Trump is trying to restore the power of the SC to do what they’re supposed to do which is protect the constitution.

There’s no better way to protect it than throwing out an act of war and fraud against it in my opinion.

Make sense?


I think it’s all related. When Trump wrote his EO’s he was basically declaring war on anybody that was a threat to our country and constitution. The gloves came off. They were no longer just crimes being investigated by law enforcement with limited budgets but now with the help of our military with a massive budget and tools that law enforcement doesn’t have.

Soros, cartels, Rothschilds, Rockefeller’s, human traffickers, they’re all now enemy combatants


Great post again L2H!!

You are En Fuego!!


We are literally watching the destruction of the European central banks with Trump off the stage.

Putin has been given the green light to destroy them.

Trump card.

No US military rescue for the central banks.

The game is over!


I agree JJ. Nothing will recover their poll numbers, even replacing Biden won’t help