President Trump on the Lou Dobbs podcast today: 

These are very dangerous people. We actually have a greater danger in many respects, from within than we do outside – and we have some bad ones outside. But in many ways, we have a greater danger from within. The people from within that are destroying our country.”

President Trump just referred to the Biden administration as “O’Biden”. Was it a slip? 👀

Listen to 45 here: 

Our country has a chance if we do this correctly and if we do things right and as quickly as possible… our country can be back and we can be even better than ever, cause we’re gonna learn from a lot of these things.” 

DJT said a very similar thing this past weekend at the rally. 

How do you ‘show’ the public the truth? By letting them steal the election and waking everyone up.

This morning while speaking with Lou Dobbs, President Trump said that America’s greatest threat comes from within. 

“The people from within that are destroying our country.

Now I refer you to drop #3837 from February of 2020.

Liz Harrington talks about why President Trump is “picking up the pace” and holding frequent rallies for America First candidates: 

The corruption has taken over. That’s what’s really wrong with our country today. It is so corrupt and President Trump is out there calling it out, supporting the people that will actually fix the system, and he’s not slowing down.” 

Can you feel the red wave coming? 🇺🇸