The Importance of the 10 Irrefutable Points of the 2020 Election

Topic: Elections

Capt. Seth Keshel, Apr 6

In late July 2021, I was invited to present at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, which was held in August.  The primary focus of the event was, as the event title suggests, to expose cyber malfeasance in the 2020 election and uncover vulnerabilities of electronic voting equipment.  By now, if you’ve followed my work, you likely understand that it is intended to highlight statistical anomalies, particularly at county and precinct level, which demand further investigation.

My presence was requested to augment the focus of the symposium, to speak to those who may be on the fence about, or even opposed to, theories regarding election fraud.  The viability of the numbers, or the analysis of trends, indicators, bellwethers, and predictors (many of which trace back to 1892), do not hinge on election manipulation conducted by any particular method.  They are simply intended to raise questions, spark debate, and lead to resolution, one way or another.

The presentation of the 10 Irrefutable Points was a smash hit.  Many who follow my efforts today tell me that they first saw me at the Cyber Symposium.  President Trump himself watched my briefing, and just over a week later, mentioned me by name at a rally in Cullman, Alabama.  The media frowned upon the points, which can be explained away individually, but not in the glaring mass in which they all manifest together.  At minimum, the election anomalies demand explanation and transparency.

The importance of the 10 Irrefutable Points cannot be understated.  Any serious movement seeking to change hearts and minds must win new followers and expand “the tent.”  Many of my meetings preach to the choir, which still has value if the preaching leads to action.  Every family gathering, or get-together with friends, offers a new opportunity to impact people to take local action to restore liberty, whether that comes in the form of elections work, opposition to medical tyranny, or standing up against the encroaching cultural Marxists who seek to pollute the minds of future generations.

Many people, especially as the present administration transitions America into more of a dystopia with each passing day, are beginning to understand the reasons for the election integrity movement’s rage.  With each top-down violation of individual sovereignty, or every humiliating foreign policy blunder, with every five dollar gallon of gas pumped, average Americans join the ranks of election truthers, which clearly constitute a majority of Americans no matter which poll is consulted. 

They need to know the “why.”  It is simply not enough to proclaim an abundance of Trump yard signs or reference the quantity of boat or vehicle parades that took place in 2020.  The fence-sitters must be resoundingly convinced with rational though as to why the 2020 election demands remediation. 

The 10 Irrefutable Points provide your path ahead.  Challenge those who listen to prove why all the known trends, indicators, bellwethers, and predictors present in our presidential elections for up to 128 years before the 2020 election were snapped.  Learn them, and when you are called a cultist or conspiracy theorist, dust them off and throw them at your audience, no matter how hostile they may seem.

I will be rolling these out in a 10-part series.  The points will be explained in great detail, even more so than in the linked Cyber Symposium video, and will answer all questions and address any pertinent challenges.  I encourage you to subscribe to this SubStack and reference it as you go about the great duty of educating a sleeping citizenry.