From X22 Report

  • “Democrats just denied our motion to subpoena Hunter Biden,” the GOP members of the committee tweeted. “They refuse to hold Hunter accountable for his shady business dealings that make us more dependent on China for renewable energy. It’s past time for accountability.”
  • Rep. Andy Biggs had issued the motion to subpoena the president’s son as a witness because of what he referred to as his “invaluable” expertise on cobalt mining.
  • “I just made a motion to subpoena Hunter Biden as a witness for the House Oversight and Reform Committee’s hearing on electrifying [USPS],” Biggs tweeted. “Hunter sold a U.S. cobalt mine to a Chinese company. Cobalt is necessary for electric car production. Hunter’s expertise is invaluable!”
  • “Wow,” Biggs tweeted after his motion was shot down. “Democrats just denied my motion to subpoena Hunter. They continue to protect him at any cost. I guess Democrats are ok with his shady business dealings.”