From Radiopatriot reader “AnOldPieceOfLeather”

“Zelensky is pure as the driven snow. Uh-huh. Sure. Pre-president he was a comedian. Graduate of the Klaus Young Global Leaders school of lunatics. Owns a few huge yachts, a dozen cars and handful of houses, one of which is a mansion in Florida. I seriously doubt the poorest country in Europe was where he made millions as a comedian. It’s not that complicated to figure that out.

Ukraine has been the money washing machine for the world cabal – including *many* of our elected AND APPOINTED politicians – for *years*, maybe even a couple of decades. Between the visits to Ukraine of Puddin’ Brain and his son Hunter and in 2014-2015 Victoria Nuland-traitor, Miss Lindsey G. and his butt-buddy traitor whose name we don’t say, it was arranged for the Clowns In America to train a large number of the Nazi Azov Battalion in an undisclosed southeast US location.

Meanwhile, our criminal politicians and clown suits in the Pentagon thinks it’s a great idea to put a few dozen clandestine (yes, clandestine – they did not allow inspections by anyone from the Ukraine government) bio-weapons labs (under the guise of looking for ‘bio-weapons’ the Russians might have – kinda like those WMDs that little criminal Bush claimed Saddam had) in Ukraine that happens to be a country bordering Russia. We had no fooking business for *any* Americans to be in Ukraine, nor *any* bio-weapons labs.

Those labs are clearly solid proof of International War Crimes. Period.

So … what would we (the U.S.) do if Russia established several dozen bio-weapons labs in Canada or Mexico close to our border? Asking for a friend. 

Now all the bleeding hearts are blaming Russia of war crimes for ‘murdering’ civilians. That includes at least half the backboneless ‘conservatives’, *all* of the screeching left and *all* of the so-called ‘legacy media’ journalists *including* the loud mouths at Fox, *especially* Sean-who-delivers-like-an-eight-year-old-boy Hannity, taking a breath after every five sentences. 

Gateway Pundit and WND has also lost me as a follower … both of those sites have joined in on the propaganda making the exact same propaganda lies as Gumby ‘Morning Hangover’ Joe, Eunuch Brains Stetler, Rachel Madcow and Joyless Reid.

Meanwhile … there is NO PROOF the rockets and mortars that are killing civilians have been fired by the Russians yet Every.Single.Pundit. has been screeching “those horrible, criminal Russians”. Many early film clips and pictures have already been debunked, many being from the Middle East conflicts and PLA actions in China. One clip was supposedly from Ukranians “fleeing” when it was actually a clip of fans rushing into a sports stadium for a ‘football’ (soccer) match. Hey, how about that video game ACE pilot – impressive, no? Unemployed crisis actors have become employed which was great for them because hospitals haven’t hired them for many months after being exposed as fake ‘Covid’ victims. They even used dummies … see picture above ^^^^.

****I guess everyone has forgotten about those 100,000 Azov Battalion Nazis (highly trained by our criminal CIA) who happen to *hate* all of the Russian-Ukrainians who live in the Donbas Region where many of those civilian casualties have occurred.****

Let me know when someone comes up with *solid proof* the Russians have been targeting and killing civilians. M-kay? Otherwise I’m sure Joyless Bahar would love to hear your take – I don’t.

Oh, btw, I’d wager the reason Vlad has halted the advance of his army is he succeeded in destroying the bio-weapons and labs, collected the proof they *did exist* that he needed, and has saved many of the Russian-Ukranians in the Donbas Region/Eastern Ukraine who were being targeted by the Azov Battalion Nazis.

REALITY: IF Vlad wanted to destroy Ukraine do you *really* think he would have taken care to just focus on specific areas? He could have made Ukraine a nuclear wasteland in a day and not blink an eye – IF that was what he wanted. It’s not. Vlad read ‘The Art of War’. 

The Nazis were trying to prevent those civilians in the Donbas Region/Eastern Ukraine from escaping – so they could use them as shields. I don’t doubt they were encouraged of that tactic by the criminals at the CIA. They did the same crap in Kiyv.

We’ve all been victims of all the propagandists following the same emotional script. The propaganda statement that Vlad and his army are being “beaten by the Ukranian army” is absolutely hilarious. Pffffft. Yes, it is.

Stop believing everything you read on the interwebz and believing everything you’re told by the emotional screeching heads.

Actions speak louder than words …

and …

Critical thinking is a thing.

The one source I believe is the *closest* to everything that has happened – CAUSE AND EFFECT – up to present and what we may be expecting to happen is Patel Patriot …


It won’t be long until we find out. I’ll bet I’m right. Will you?