Mike at Telegram wrote this message to Patel Patriot (Jon), author of DEVOLUTION, the multi-part series that attempts to explain the Continuity of Government plan many believe we are currently in the midst of. Mike’s message of encouragement and gratitude came after listening to Patel Patriot’s admitted despondency during last night’s “Liberty Den” podcast.


“Please excuse my typos. Wrote this on my phone and did not proof read. Take if for what it’s worth. 

Let me give you back some of the positive energy you have given me all these months. 

I caught the end of Liberty Den last night and heard you’re having a rough time. People are coming at you over the validity of your work. To that, let me be very clear: whether devolution turns out to be real or not, it’s always been a β€œtheory;” therefore, you are exonerated from it being factual or not. You have never indicated otherwise. At times have you gotten caught up in the moment and made personal claims as to trump coming back before the mid-terms? Sure you have, but that is understandable and clearly notated as your opinion. Again, not in the wrong. 

What you are not guilty of is:

Doing incredible research that gave us massive insight and education into the inner workings of the government. Thank you. 

Making sense of Trump’s ridiculous (yet clearly effective) mannerisms and forms of communication. Honestly, I never understood the guy until your work. Thank you. 

Giving us plausible, constructive hope/focus in the midst of the instantly that is occurring. How many people have you helped just get through the recent times? A lot, I’m sure. Me included. Thank you. 

Being brave enough to be your authentic self and show exemplary courage to all of us. Because of your grounded, reasoned approach, it gave me a voice to speak plainly to so many. Thank you. 

Helping so many temper their emotions and see the workings of the media by reminding us to delay reaction to stories. That has proven to very accurate. Thank you. 

I could go on, but I will stop. I am a combat veteran. When I returned from deployment to Afghanistan, I was broken. I was disgraced. I was lost. Everything I knew about our country was ripped apart by my combat experience. We were not acting with the honor I believed. Hell, we weren’t doing much of anything over there that reflected our reasons for being there. (I’ll leave it at that). 

In short, I had been disillusioned for a long time because I thought this was what America turned into. Your work struck me personally, as I saw the same similarities in the fight against the globalists as I did in my combat experiences. The morals described in your work of the globalists are the very same morals that l followed and left me disillusioned upon my return home. It helped heal something. 

In closing, it doesn’t matter if your theory is right or wrong. It is a theory and a well researched one. No matter what comes to be or not, no matter if the theory proves right or wrong, your work is another piece in the puzzle of helping those that read it reclaim their humanity, for you do not spew hate. You simply call it like you see it as the research guides you. For all the above reasons, you’re a legend. Carry on. Be foolish. Be bold. Be real.”

This heartfelt message to Patel Patriot elicited some equally heartfelt responses from other Telegramers like this one:

“Well said patriot. I feel exactly the same. From another combat veteran.”


“A phenomenal write-up. I think Jon *shouldn’t* need this but . . . we’re all human. After so much labor, and remarkable work, a human being occasionally needs a reminder to continue the march and Soldier On! I have no doubt Patel Patriot will do just that.”

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