👆 Yeah, except erased material (compressed or not) on the original drive could NOT have been copied to the clone drive using the method* employed by MacIsaac. We are not being told the truth about where the new files came from… and we’re tired of being lied to, no matter what the reason is.

*He didn’t use a forensic bit copy method that would clone the entire drive including erased files. He did a normal operating system copy of the available files to a new larger drive.

Oh, and deleted files aren’t compressed under any normal circumstances like where the overall drive is also not compressed. (insert facepalm here)

If the data came from somewhere else (like one of the other missing laptops)… just admit it and then we can focus on the Hunter information, instead of distractions due to goofy narratives about where the data came from?

But hey I’ll go along with Maxey’s story just for fun.

Ok, so Hunter had 450GB of files, compressed to 130GB on a system that only had a 250GB drive. Then he deleted the zip archive to hide it?

And if you know how drive systems work those deleted drive sectors get reused as you use a system.

Ever tried to uncompress a zip file that had parts of it missing?

And um, where was this compressed file created in the first place given that the 450GB of uncompressed files could never have fit on the 250GB drive?

just examples of how the narrative wasn’t written for people who know how this works.