Richard Baris, Director of Big Data Poll, on with Bannon this morning said that more than a year ago people were seeing rising prices (food, staples, gas), so it can’t be blamed on Putin, Ukraine, etc.

There’s nothing that can be done about inflation/staglation, at this point. There’s nothing the Fed can do to fix this, they waited too long.

“The anger of working/middle class is growing. Why did you do this to the economy. The anger is building. We’re at the beginning of this.” – Bannon

There are ominous signs for the Democrats in the upcoming election.

“That’s what happens when elections are stolen. You get an illegitimate regime.” – Bannon

Baris was preceded by Peter Navarro whose economic predictions were/are as dire.

We’re in for it folks. Until we change out the criminally illegitimate in Congress and position ourselves to utterly vanquish these thieves and scoundrels, the storm is here, and we ain’t seen nothing yet.

The penalty has not been paid yet for this stolen election.