“Elon is threatening every major stakeholder in the regime.” – Darren Beattie, Revolver

The hostile takeover of the global public square

Steve Bannon

“I guarantee you that Musk’s legal team has been over the Twitter Bylaws with a fine-tooth comb before he ever uttered the statement about buyout. He wouldn’t have said a thing unless he was sure he already won. My bet is that he has.”

–Cognitive Carbon Public

“On the other hand… if forced to accept it… how much illegal / shady code and data will people start erasing to avoid legal trouble and maybe even jail time?

There are secret dark / compartmentalized projects at Twitter… like the most nasty parts of their shadow banning and allowing third party access to data for purposes like election meddling & modeling.

Do you think they walk away and “leave the lights on” for that stuff? No, they have to vaporize it, which means they’ll be committing crimes of a different sort because they’ll be destroying parts of what Elon just bought.

There are already lawyers working on how to get everybody’s asses out of this fire. And Elon knows this and already has a cyber team ready to descend and freeze systems.

Let’s see what happens.”


What hostile takeovers are (and why they’re usually doomed)

“Hostile takeover” is a phrase that’s been bandied about a lot lately. But what does it actually mean — and how often is it successful?

This is a good overview



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  1. When the top most powerful monopoly (Vanguard/BlackRock) in the United States is forced to step from behind the curtains to prevent the loss of their greatest propaganda tool, does that mean they are panicking?

    Asking for a friend …

    Super kek.

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