Ever wonder why they train LEOs to shoot to kill?

H/T – We The Media, Telegram,

This is why

By Radiopatriot

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  1. OMG all those cars go by and no help? Insane what Police have to put up with. No way to control temper with that.

  2. WE Must Have Our Laws Back in Place, or We Will Have NO POLICE FORCE in ANY SITUATION. Dem/Coms love to kill us in any way possible. Easier for them to control the rest. STRONG LAWS IN PLACE, REMOVE JUDGES WHO DO NOT CONVICT.

    1. I believe that big man shot both troopers!!!! God Bless ALL WHO PUT THEIR OWN LIVES ON THE LINE EVERY SINGLE DAY, FOR OUR PROTECTION. They are not getting the HONOR and RESPECT they deserve right now. There are many important changes coming; immediate death penalty for killing police officers should come first. 30 day waiting period, no trial, just get it done so we can move on with a high quality life in the US again..

  3. A hard fist to the temple or judo chop to the throat will take a man out. If after a minute of 2 on 1 advantage in wrestling match , it’s time to shoot to kill !!!!!

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