We all know why

Excellent meme by anon

They’re treating Putin like they treated Trump.

We all know why – IET 17

By Radiopatriot

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  1. They can’t even come up with anything original to attack him with. Putin has more IQ than any 10 of them.

  2. And TRUMP is bad-mouthing Putin now !!! Maybe TRUMP is really losing it. VACCINES are good & Putin is bad. Go get another BOOSTER & make it a double, on the rocks , no chaser ! Dr. Oz & I are going to Ukraine to play with the NAZIS in our BIO-LAB PLAYHOUSE !!!!!

    1. Optics, my friend. Optics. This is an information war, and if you can’t see through the “fog,” you’re not getting it. Think deeper, beyond the obvious. Trump knows exactly what he’s doing. Look up: “Potemkin Village.”

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