Biden shakes hands with…

a figment of his imagination.

The man is pathetic.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. His brain is completely gone. I know that President Trump is thinking the same. What a Bloody Mess Biden has gotten us into this time, Ollie!

    1. Hi Madisonmomma,
      I am not sure he is Acting any more! It looks genuine to me! His brain is locked up and he is not aware of that. No reaction of being even a little upset that no one was there to shake his hand…. a new level of dementia maybe.

      1. LOok at face today compared to few years ago, definitly not same person. Definitely not the real JoeBlow. Have had several different actors play his part. The winner was falling going up the stairs, to show the sheep what is going on. Many others need to watch carefully with their eyes what is going on. Lot of fake people around. Defiitly fake places also.l

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