As Disney continues to be exposed listen to a Disney star speak on Satanism in Hollywood for herself. 

She would know. 

“They know that God exists. They also know that Satan exists. They’re just counting on the fact that yall don’t know that. 

The things that you take in that they are feeding you. Those things effect you that’s why they do it.”

Notice how they count on our ignorance. 

This is why the Great Awakening is so important. The veil is being lifted one step at a time. 

Now check this out:

Oh, and before you move on…

TruthHammer has a suggestion for us:

All anons should unite and get the groomer messaging back on track IMO. Think about which message has power to make normies uncomfortable and wake up.

GROOMERS all over the place including our schools, Disney and the media.


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