(hint, if you’re already sick of hearing about Twitter news… maybe take a couple days off from Telegram? there’s gonna be a LOT more as we watch Elon screw with a major pillar of the NWO’s narrative engine)


IMHO this whole setup allows Elon to PROVE that Twitter’s Board has been running the company for ONE REASON, and that has been to control speech for political reasons.

If they reject his offer, he dumps his shares, and the price tanks, and Twitter is sued until the end of time by shareholders who missed out on the profit.

Twitter execs are right now trying to decide if they can “ride out that storm” and still deny a platform for conservative speech.

Twitter might be MORE valuable to them if it DIES because of their allegiance to their ideological interests.

“If we can’t have it, we’ll destroy it so nobody can have it” – Twitter Board

Ok, but it’s gonna be some kind of cosmic justice if Elon destroys Twitter on 4/20

As a SOFTWARE guy… my opinion is TruthSocial has a LOOONG way to go to become even close to ‘on par’ with Twitter. I’d love to see Twitter crash and Elon execute a hostile takeover via becoming an investor in DWAC… but just wishing. I seriously doubt that will happen. (but please??🙏)


Lord forgive me for being delighted by all the heads exploding on Twitter today.

Oh, and please can I have some more?

Think about why the Twitter Board of Directors did NOT allow the shareholders to vote on Elon’s offer.

Because they knew the shareholders would accept the deal

And that would cause an Apocalypse

As predicted, Twitter board cooks up strategy to prevent NWO speech control platform from falling into other hands than their own.

Elon gonna drop plan B on them?

4/20 a tempting target for it?



JUST IN: Elon Musk confirms during talks with Twitter execs that there is a ‘Plan B’ if Twitter rejects his current offer to buy the company.

He is boxing them in to a spot where they can either accept “free speech” or it seems he’s going to crush the platform by dumping shares. 

Cheers to Elon Musk 🍻



Vanguard just overtook Elon in twitter holdings…hang on to your hat…kek..


Gen. Flynn:

This is what happens when dictatorship occurs:

“Twitter’s insiders essentially just decided to screw over their shareholders, crash their stock, and open the company up to massive lawsuits just to prevent Elon Musk from running Twitter in a way that won’t rig elections or censor their political opponents.”

TruthHammer: 👆As predicted… they can’t afford to lose control of Twitter at this time.

I predicted they would rather destroy Twitter than let someone else have it.

1) To control speech

2) To hide their crimes (the data and the code)



Jordan Sather:

Elon would be able to see their shadow banning, the algorithms they use for fake trading pages, the amount of bots used to artifically inflate content, AND he would see all the backdoors that CIA.DARPA have to Twitter’s data.

Elon Musk gaining ownership over Twitter is something the Deep State is DESPERATELY trying to prevent. 

It’s FAR MORE than about just the money.


Brian Cates:

Let me break this down, what happened today so you can understand why a deluge of lawsuits are about to descend on Twitter from it’s own shareholders: 

If I had 3,000 shares of Twitter and Elon was offering to buy them at $54 and I’d bought them at $24, I was looking a $90,000 profit and the board, who is supposed to be representing MY INTERESTS as a shareholder just EPICALLY SCREWED ME by denying me even a chance to vote for the deal. 


Money talks, bullshit walks.  

Twitters shareholders are not a bunch of raging Libtards.  These are INVESTORS.  It’s a different animal.


Pepe Lives Matter:

People who say that Trump doesn’t have his pulse on true MAGA anymore have no idea what kind of things happen behind the scenes and what kind of person Trump is. God used Trump to stop the hard great reset, lay the corruption of the swamp bare for the world to see, and protect millions of children around the world. His legacy is absolutely tremendous. I find it shameful for people to dishonor this man and I won’t stand for it. 

You have no idea what kind of burden he’s been holding for these last five years and people sitting on a couch have no right to judge a man who’s been working his ass off to save the world from pure evil.


For now!