PLEASE! Many of you are so confused about what’s happening, you’ll buy into every shiny object the enemy throws at you. (Some aren’t even “the enemy,” but click baiters who make $$ by drawing you in to sell you their products.)

Discernment is vital to understanding the info warfare we’re in.

Naiveté hurts our side. Be careful. Be skeptical. Do your research.

Don’t be that guy or gal who breathlessly buys into whatever “snake” oil some are selling, to hurriedly share the latest “omigawd!” headline to your circle of contacts. It can make you look reactionary, foolish, easily duped, and unreliable to others when you do. Carefully research and do due diligence. Smart folks use the 48 hour rule to wait and see what unfolds before breathlessly rushing to share the latest “omigawd!” sparkling squirrel.

Brian Cates:

Venom In The Water = Snake In The Grass. 

A virulent Trump hater somehow managed to get handed a highly visible platform where he could be used by certain people to sell a fake narrative to the Trump movement.  

Somehow, in all the preparation for launching “Watch The Water”, nobody bothered to ask this guy what he thought of Trump? 

How, exactly, did that happen?  

Who dropped the ball?  

Who’s the monkey in the wrench? 

Who’s the fly in the ointment?  

You know, I really can’t blame Bryan Ardis all that much.  He apparently has a deeply held and sincere belief that Trump is evil and is some kind of secret Jesuit taking orders straight from the ‘Black Pope’.  

You know who I blame?  

Do you? 

The people who handed him that platform.  

Did any of those people who enabled and elevated Ardis know about his views on Trump before that clip of him with Scott McKay went viral yesterday?  

If they did and they elevated him anyway while carefully avoiding the subject of what Ardis believes about Donald Trump, then every single one of these people needs to be tossed ass-first out of our movement.  

If they didn’t know, they should have. All they had to do was ask him.  Ardis seemed pretty enthusiastic about volunteering his opinion of Trump to the one interviewer who brought it up.  

So which is it? Just good old fashioned incompetence or are they deliberately trying to trick us?

We are getting better at turning back the psy ops being launched at us; Ardis almost instantly blew up on them.  

But they’ll keep trying.  And we’ll keep seeing the same people enabling and helping to launch this shit at us.

Here’s another example – this from Praying Medic:

“In June of 2018, an anon who called himself “R” began telling a story about how JFK Jr. wasn’t dead and that he was secretly working with Trump. 

R anon took advantage of a time when Q had not posted for several weeks. He launched the JFK Jr. narrative in an attempt to sow division in the movement and make us look like kooks (both of which succeeded).

R anon tried to convince the board he was taking over for Q. When Q returned, anons had to ask if R was legit and Q indicated he wasn’t. 

The JFK Jr slide was a CIA operation intended to discredit the movement. This fact is well-known to anons. If you know this and you continue to perpetuate the JFK Jr story, I would have to question your motives. 

If you were unaware of this, I would question your desire to know the truth since this information has been available to the public for almost 4 years. 

If you want to believe JFK Jr is alive, you can believe it, but I will ask you to keep your discussions out of my channel.”