Eighteen House GOPers create Political Earthquake with bill intended to strip unionized NEA of its Fed Charter

Critical race theory is the neo-Marxist view that all U.S. economic, political and social institutions, including schools, since before the nation’s founding have been and continue to be organized to advantage white individuals and disadvantage “people of color,” including blacks, Hispanics and other non-white persons.

It’s also a CRT claim that all white individuals are inherently and unalterably racist, while all persons of color are inherently and unalterably victims of white racism.


By Radiopatriot

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  1. Do some cultures enjoy being “victims”? Maybe what they need is THERAPY, not more FREE STUFF and SYMPATHY~ children are taught not to be NEEDY from the age of about 3 years, and they LOVE IT! IT IS A SIGN OF GROWING UP. being independent, and proud of ONE”S ACCOMPLISHMENTS! GEE, what am I missing? hahahahahahahaha

  2. Actions and deeds toward others indicate a person is a ‘racist’. The color of one’s skin does NOT INDICATE that they are INHERENTLY anything other than a person.

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