For those who say “nothing is happening” and “the sheep aren’t waking up”. Here is direct evidence you are wrong. This is a clip from Fox and Friends this morning. WATCH NOW! 

This may not feel as significant as it truly is, because we in our corner have known about this reality for 5 years. We are all like, “yeah, no shit the whole Russia thing was fake, we told you.” 

However, millions of normies are just now being exposed to all of this for the first time. To the media-dependent sheep, they don’t believe something until the nice man in the suit on the TV tells them so. 

Now with the Durham legal filings and the incontrovertible panic of the left/media/big tech of losing control of internet censorship via Twitter/Elon; the sheep are putting the picture together. 

The subject matter these three talked about was considered far-right conspiracy insanity in 2017, but it is just as true today as it was back then. And now they are talking about it on National TV, with conviction. Same with widespread pedophilia, human trafficking, Hollywood sex cults, corruption at the highest levels of the DOJ/FBI/CIA, Twitter censorship and targeting of conservatives, the Biden Laptop, media corruption, vaccine efficacy/safety, C19 death/infection numbers, nazis and biolabs in Ukraine, etc etc. The list goes on and on. Once formerly unfathomable accusations have been slowly accepted as fact. 

I fear many of us just don’t recognize it because it has been normalized in a slow and digestible fashion. Many don’t see the normies waking up because they expect it all to happen at once in one mass event, and that’s just not how the mission is being conducted. It will continue to be slow, incremental, controlled, methodical, and damn near imperceptible. As it is designed to be. 

In order for a human to remember something, it takes approximately 27 repositions to be permanently drilled into ones brain. 

This battle will not be won with one strike. It will be death by a thousand cuts. — BioClandestine