“In accomplishing these goals together, we can ensure the resilience of our constitutional form of government and American way of life”.  – President Trump, at the signing on December 7th, 2020, of the signing of Executive order 13961: Governance and Integration of Federal Mission Resilience and on December 30th, the Federal Mission Resilience Strategy 2020.

This is exactly what is at stake here. Donald Trump and the rest of the Devolution Patriots are fighting for the very soul of our country. Remember, this election theft is so much more than fraud. 

This is war. 

China wants to be the world’s dominant power but they knew they would never beat us in a war involving actual ground forces. Their only path to victory over of the U.S.A. would be through infiltrating all of our institutions and destroying us from within. As you can see by what has happened since Biden was “Elected”, they have never been closer to achieving their goal. At least that is what they think. 

The more research I do, the more peace it brings me. I have never been more confident that Devolution is real.

President Donald John Trump is a fighter. He saw this coming. He prepared for everything. He possesses a courage few could dream of. He was built for this moment. President Donald John Trump loves this country too much to let us be destroyed when there was something he could do to prevent that. So he acted. Devolution is real. Enjoy the show!

The Best Is Yet To Come

Patel Patriot


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