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Biernutz_71 Apr 19

Alex Jones had it right when he titled his show “Info Wars.” He was clairvoyant enough to understand the next war would be an information war but not enough to prevent his company from going bankrupt. My attempt here is not to pile on Alex Jones but to highlight the information war we are in and what it means moving forward.

            We live in an age that is driven by information. Technological breakthroughs . . . are changing the face of war and how we prepare for war.

—William Perry, Secretary of Defense

                The concept of information warfare and the fact that we are actively in one is nothing new to many of you, I am sure. Tell me if you have heard something similar to this before: “We are in an information war, so things are not what they appear.” The intensity and the scope of the information war is expanding rapidly these last couple of weeks. It is not something that we can just easily dismiss with one-liners like, “It’s a cognitive war and some are just not cut out for it (that is a line I use a lot).” The truth is, if you are reading this and involved in anyway with our community…you are a target! You are on the battlefield, and you should know what that means.

Here is a good definition from NATO of all places:

Information warfare is an operation conducted in order to gain an information advantage over the opponent. It consists in controlling one’s own information space, protecting access to one’s own information, while acquiring and using the opponent’s information, destroying their information systems and disrupting the information flow. Information warfare is not a new phenomenon, yet it contains innovative elements as the effect of technological development, which results in information being disseminated faster and on a larger scale.

                I know some of you might be thinking this all redundant and that you know all this already. That is fine but please stick with me on this. There is a very good reason for bringing this up now. I recently came across an announcement that the Marine Corp has created a new M.O.S (Military Occupational Specialty) for Information warfare:

The Marine Corps has established a new occupation field for its personnel specifically for information warfare, signaling the importance the larger information space will play in future conflict. The Corps redesignated its 17XX career field from cyberspace operations to information maneuver, it announced in a press release Tuesday.

The 17XX career field was established in 2018 as a means of better managing cyber operators. Officials equated it to special operations forces in which they are trained and don’t depart that role for the duration of their careers.

In recent years, the Corps, along with other components of the Department of Defense in one way or another, have begun to reorganize under the banner of information warfare, consolidating like capabilities to include cyber, electronic warfare, information operations, intelligence, space and others.

The Marine Corp is taking this war seriously and so should you. By the way, did you notice the MOS code starts with 17? Is that a coincidence?  Consider this:

IN 1970, the Canadian cultural theorist Marshall McLuhan famously predicted that World War III, when it comes, will be “a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation”—a war waged in cyberspace, not on a defined battlefield. His prediction resonates with anyone trying to make sense of our opaque information environment, especially reporters and editors who now find themselves as drafted frontline recruits.

                That was over 50 years ago! Marshal McLuhan almost perfectly describes the war we live with today. Real, authentic journalism is dead. It was perhaps the first casualty in this war. In the absence of real journalism, the void has been filled with undrafted conscripts: you and I. it doesn’t matter where we came from or how we got here, we are now gathered together in stark defiance to state run disinformation media. What comes next is what we need to be prepared for and why I am writing this.

When I was a kid, I was fascinated by war stories. My father was in the Marine Corp during the Vietnam war and there was no shortage of stories to be heard or read. One story in particular was one that was all too common in that war, and it was of soldiers grouping together in a village and a child walks up to them strapped with explosives. That is a powerful image for a young boy to forget.

                It is a desperate act. It is the next evolution of guerilla warfare: strapping bombs to kids and sending them into groups of the enemy. This tactic is further carried out in the war on terror with militants prepared to blow themselves up in the company of innocent civilians. So, what is preventing our enemies from doing the same? Yes, we are in an information war. Did you know we are in a guerilla Information war?

                That’s right, I believe we have entered another phase of this war. A phase in which the enemy has lost the conventional means to win an information war and is now employing other means to defeat us. The Germans did it in the final stages of WW2 by conscripting actual children into the ranks of Wehrmact (German Regular Army). Japan did it with kamikaze pilots towards the end of their role in WW2. It makes sense that our desperate enemy is going to employ new tactics to guerilla information warfare.

                I was first made aware of this development as I followed Brian Cates Telegram channel. Brian was offered what was allegedly Hunter Biden’s laptop from another Telegram influencer. It was a curious string of events that did not seem to make sense until later. I believe Brian was going to be set up and he wisely turned down the offer.

                Then we have the “Watch the Water” video. In my opinion, it doesn’t really matter if there is some valid bits of data in it. There is plenty of misinformation and wild fantasies that give the enemy plenty of ammunition to discredit anyone who believes it. We are seeing a pattern form in which the enemy fills an information stream with wild misinformation to “poison the water.” They cannot stop the flow of information now; nothing can stop what is coming. However, they will try and poison the stream and hope we drink it. Consider this from Truth Hammer:

This is precisely the new guerilla information warfare tactic we are dealing with. They will sabotage the good information with just enough misinformation that it blows up in our face.  I recently ran into another scenario in which someone was trying to present a bunch of information on a subject without me asking for it. Some of the information seemed good but a lot of it was not. If it is good information, then why don’t they attach their name to it? The answer has to be…the information isn’t that good.  We are now living in an age where we have infiltrators within our chat rooms and social sites who are virtually walking up to us, strapped with explosive misinformation, and hoping we pull the trigger. Don’t fall for it.

                The good news is that we are winning. The most recent traction is being felt in the Durham investigation. Our enemies would not be resorting to this if they were in control. This sphere of corruption and criminal activity has the deep state freaking out and it is glorious. We have also had incredible wins in Ukraine. Recently, Just_Human had this to say about it:

DS/Ukraine are winning the Info/Perception War, for now, but Russia is winning the War that matters most… the Actual War. 

DS/Ukraine know they are losing, or have already lost, and are currently going through the denial stage of grief. 

That’s what we saw from them in that UN Security Council today and that is what we will see in the media for the next several days, I am sure.

                That information war in Ukraine is starting to fail now as well. I expect information on Biolabs will soon be released and I am already seeing bad-faith actors trying to poison that water. I guess, “watching the water” would be the correct action if we are looking for misinformation to poison the flood of what is to come.

                In part 2 of this article, I will be giving more detail about how we process and handle information and misinformation in this new guerilla information war.



“I would rather die with Christ and hope in my heart and be called a fool than to stand over the dead corpse of the republic and say I told you so.”

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