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Gray Barn, [Apr 20, 2022 at 10:25:58 AM]:

I have another wild spitball to toss out. Pure speculation on my part but in my mind, this fits the puzzle pieces together better than anything I’ve came across so far. WHAT IF…… the reason we have not seen any decertifications happen in any state is because the election was never ‘certified’? Think about what Trump always says – Nov. 3 was the coup, not Jan. 6. He knew they were going to install Biden as the winner as soon as the numbers on TV mysteriously flipped to Biden. Was the Jan. 6 debacle actually a threat to all members of congress “go along with this coup or this will happen across the country”?

The election fraud was in the public eye ever since Nov. 3. As much as I dislike the word ‘optics’, it fits perfectly what all the election fraud did – it made a large portion of the population believe that Biden really won the election. We were all supposed to roll over and say, “better luck in 4 years”. The fact that the obvious election fraud didn’t stop Biden being named president is a huge clue that something more happened that day.

What if it was truly all ‘optics’ though? What if the electoral votes were never counted and were meaningless anyway because this was a coup that happened on Nov. 3? Trump stepped down to avoid a civil war. He was literally overthrown by a coup. He wouldn’t have needed to write a PEAD (or if he had it wouldn’t have been used) to suspend the electoral vote count because it never happened. He put devolution in place to keep the most important functions of the country out of the hands of those who were part of the coup.

The left is continuing the ‘witch hunt’ against Trump calling Jan. 6 an attempted coup. Everything they blame on others as doing are things they’ve done themselves. They keep screaming that Trump attempted a coup to keep the focus off the real coup – Nov. 3, as Trump constantly tells us!

I read Biernutz new sub stack this morning right before I continued my reading into past elections where fraud was suspected over the past 150 years so I had ‘information war’ on my mind. His substack gave me an ah-ha moment that fit the pieces together for me. We keep searching for an answer to solve this. We search in the Constitution. We search in the judicial branch. And nothing makes sense to us. Unless we look at this all as a coup. The military is truly the only way.

All just my opinion of course.😉😉

Melody, [Apr 20, 2022 at 10:26:38 AM]:

It has a lot to do with it. Many leaders were afraid of Hitler. He was so powerful and Germany was light years ahead of everyone else. That’s why Pearl Harbor had to happen, especially since the US had a hands off foreign policy unless we were attacked.

The fact that he was appointed to the SEC shows the connection between the bankers running the monetary system and the governmental military-CIA shadow government. He was only one connection.

Remember how the Kennedy’s got their money. There’s a mob connection there with the elite and the government just as there is today.

IIIIlllIIIllllIIllIIl, [Apr 20, 2022 at 10:30:43 AM]:

I believe that’s what the actual Russia collusion was based off. They knew it was coming and tried to destroy the Russians to make it easier to spin the narrative. If devolution was leaked then they would have certainly crucified Trump as a traitor by colluding with a foreign country, when in reality the partnership between the two was nothing more than to save humanity from globalization.

Learning2Human, [Apr 20, 2022 at 10:19:43 AM]:


Quinn Dixsept 🍊🍊🍊, [Apr 20, 2022 at 10:20:45 AM]:

Just as Trump’s key people must deny devolution, they also must deny they are working with Russia. After all the DS did to his administration and him concerning Russia I would think people could understand why they are never going to admit that Putin is working with Trump.

Learning2Human, [Apr 20, 2022 at 10:22:08 AM]:

Kyle’s livestream is helping me clear up some of the confusion about SECDEF Miller’s comments following his visit to Ukraine.

Kyle’s thought process and intellect amazes me.  

Joining his livestream is an enjoyable and rewarding way to spend morning coffee time. ☕️

sunflower sue, [Apr 20, 2022 at 10:23:06 AM]:

Where do you find the livestream? And who is Kyle?

Learning2Human, [Apr 20, 2022 at 10:23:50 AM]:

@JustHuman_Kyle ‘s livestream.  


Kyle’s livestream is helping me clear up some of the confusion about SECDEF Miller’s comments following his visit to Ukraine.

Kyle’s thought process and intellect amazes me.  

Joining his livestream is an enjoyable and rewarding way to spend morning coffee time. ☕️

Find Kyle’s program:


Just as Trump’s key people must deny devolution, they also must deny they are working with Russia. After all the DS did to his administration and him concerning Russia I would think people could understand why they are never going to admit that Putin is working with Trump.


The timing began around the early 1950s when the brand new CIA started partnering with news companies, print and TV, to show what they want.

To some degree, there was government control over news during WW2 (news reels in movies often produced by the military) but everyone knew it was from the government. They accepted it because it was war so they knew they couldn’t be told everything true.

The 1950s move by the CIA was subversive.

The key date to understand what kicked this off was July 5, 1947. That was the day of the Roswell crash.

Government officials first told news reporters it was a flying saucer with two bodies and the news reported it across the country.

Then the government realized the error in not controlling the release of information. They backtracked, took fake pictures, lied and said it was a weather balloon. We still don’t know the truth but most know now it wasn’t a weather balloon.

The incident caused Truman to create MJ 12, which became the CIA and the shadow government, or at least part of it. All of that led to a plan to seize news narratives “for the good of the country.”

Here’s a few things my dad told me growing up about the shadow government. For those who haven’t read my post, my father was in charge of most of the first computer systems in government from the late 50s through the early 1990s. He had a top Secret Service clearance. I have paperwork if anyone challenges that. He’s deceased now (2020 pre-virus) so I can talk more about it.

He said that the president is really just a figurehead for the people to have a feeling of security and freedom. While the Congress makes laws, they aren’t really the ones that control things. It has long been the shadow government.

He described the shadow government as two groups. One is made up of military types whose motivation was “for the good of the country.”

These people will lie to the people, kill if necessary, to keep the U.S. “stabilized.” That is part of the reason for not disclosing stuff. They felt that telling people the truth (whatever that was) would unnerve the public to the point of revolt, hopelessness or whatever.

Another group of the shadow government was/is the bankers and elite families. They control the world’s money and most politicians through money. They have two concerns or motives. Money and power for them and world stability.

They like things that keep everything under their control. My dad pointed out they love organized religion (which is different from faith) because it kept people within rules. It kept people controlled and obedient to authority. It always believed the masses weren’t so important except is what they could produce to keep the money flowing.

The two groups intersect through elected politicians.

In part, yes. JFK tried to do some very provocative things. Three specific things are what killed him. He wanted civil rights. He wanted to get rid of the Central Bank and go back to strictly gold-backed currency (we had a type of hybrid then) and he wanted the UFO records declassified. People were still bothered by Roswell and NUMEROUS other sightings in the post-war era.

It’s uncertain which of those were the one that got him killed but I believe it was a combination.

Daddy said it got to a point that Kennedy was too dangerous so the CIA killed him. It was the same for MLK Jr and Bobby Kennedy too.

He said the shadow government (CIA, military people, maybe the bankers too at times) track people. They will let someone of influence continue on as long as they don’t have too much influence. Once they start to  get too powerful, they take them out. If they can’t take them out politically, they kill them. That is what happened.

He said the shooting of George Wallace in the 1970s was the same, as was Reagan. Wallace was going to run for president.

Even though he was a segregationist, he had tremendous power in Alabama. He could have won but more than that, had a lot of documentation about DC dirty trucks in the 60s and the evils done. He was going to expose it during the campaign in a type of America first platform. Plus, he had softened his stance on segregation and reverted back to the politics of Big Jim Folsom. He was a threat.

I have so much more. I still have to go through all my dad’s stuff.

I could never mention it growing up. For one, people would have thought me crazy. Two, Daddy said not too. Three, we got visits from Secret Service agents at times to check in.

One thing many don’t discuss that plays a big part of all this is where the US got it’s tech. Daddy always said that was the key thing.

Before 1947, the US didn’t have a lot of tech. We decided the nuclear bomb and weapons but not serious tech. Post 1947, we jumped the shark on tech. What happened? Two possibilities or I should say probabilities.

We and Russia got the Nazi scientists. The German scientists doing work for Hitler were so far advanced from the rest of the world that it was scary. That is probably the primary reason for stopping him. I know people like to think it was because of atrocities and sure that was part of it (how they got the public in board along with Pearl Harbor) but the governmental interest was military and scientific control. Hitler was getting ready to launch satellites and had a space program. He was developing bioweapons and doing genetic altering to create a super-human race and an undefeatable army. Germany was doing very well financially. Several countries (including the UK) were investing in Hitler’s Germany. Plus, he wanted to be the primary world leader, if not the world leader. He had to be stopped.

Where and how Hitler advanced so fast is another story but the point is we and Russia got it.

Daddy also said we (and Russia as they also had a couple of Roswell type incidents in 1947 around the same time) reversed engineered whatever was at the crashes (there were actually two or three in the US in 1946-47) and used that tech to develop things like computers.

The first computer he worked in in the Air Force was in 48-49 or so. He thinks, although we had some development prior, the real capability came from tech seized at the crash sites.

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