AUDIO READING: Part 1 – Durham’s Filings Are Filled With Revelations

Listen now (50 min) | Sussmann Seems To Have Lost Every Ruling Thus Far


True The Vote has cell phone data – forensic evidence, mind you – that 138 particular mules in Wisconsin visited their local ballot boxes a staggering 3,568 times.

BOOOOOOOOM!!! No more autonomy for Disney in Florida. 


Blocking evidence: Clinton campaign tries to keep memos from Durham’s upcoming trial

Clinton campaign and its top two former officials, John Podesta and Robby Mook, argue evidence about its Russia dirt digging on Trump should be protected by attorney-client privilege.

John Podesta has now filed a request to keep memos private in the upcoming Durham trial. 

What’s with all the panic, Skippy?

The Day Disney Died

Andrew Breitbart: “F*ck. You. John.  Podesta.”

Miscellaneous Relief – #89 in United States v. SUSSMANN (D.D.C., 1:21-cr-00582) –

The Democratic National Committee files to intervene in the Sussmann case, begging federal judge Christopher Cooper not to grant Special Counsel John Durham’s Motion To Compel the production of subpoenaed documents after an in camera review.