Whether you like it or not, these people are a part of this world, and the only way this world is going to recover is if we wake up as many of them as possible. So that future generations are raised by people who can pass on awareness to their children deterring them from repeating the horrors of the past. 

This operation is intended to be a long term solution, and will require repeated proof so there can be no denying it to generate mass acceptance. Only then, can we carry out punishment. It’s going to take time, and the worse it gets, the more people wake up. The sheep won’t consider leaving their fence until there’s no more food inside the fence. In order for sheep to wake up, their day to day routine must be immediately impacted to break them from their repetitive routine and make them question their situation. 

That’s what’s going on now under Biden . The sheep are paying more for gas, groceries, housing, their lives are being directly impacted, the status quo has changed, which causes them question their sheep herders. The worse it gets, the more that are broken from the deep sleep and seek alternative answers to their situation. 

I hope this adds some clarity to how I use these words and how this operation is specifically designed with these people in mind. 


Dan Scavino hits 442 emoji’s which brings us to Q drop #442 — Q talks about “UFO’s” which brings us to tonight’s news on Fox — segment on contacting “Aliens” 

Do you believe in coincidences?