“Optics. ‘They’ sling out “misinformation” (although theirs is predictably transparent and obvious). Our key players … ALL of them – Trump, Kash, Flynn, Sessions, MILLER, etc. … have done the same.

The difference is the deep state can’t differentiate between intended ‘misinformation’ and actual information. What’s playing out proves that. 

At this point the deep state is *reacting*, not *responding*. Their reactions are panic moves, like their stupidity in the sloppy attempts to keep the judge in SC John Durhams’ case from reviewing the actual evidence, calling it “attorney/client privilege” when there was none. Sussmann wasn’t acting in behalf of a client, he was passing on false information as a ‘private citizen’ to create chaos.

What Q gave us were crumbs to make us do research and think critically.

Patel Patriot gave us best case or very likely scenarios, leaving us to use critical thinking to imagine potential outcomes.

The deep state doesn’t do a helluva lot of critical thinking. Most are reacting like the useful idiots they are. “Don’t ask questions just do what you’re told … blow up the food processing plants like we planned.”

This has to be played out, but because ‘they’ don’t have 5D chess-playing skills it’s just a matter of time; a handful of moves and they’ll implode.

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming”