MOST of our politicians have been whoring for money for almost ever.

I’ve said this before here … Greed is the strongest motivator on earth, whether it’s for money, power or both.

I remember discussions I had in the 70’s with friends when I was active duty in the Corps. The most common topic agreed on was the commies would eventually beat us, not on the battleground but from the inside. Of course we were just a bunch of dumb grunts so what did we know.

We should take anyone who has ever been or is a ‘politician’ except for a vetted few, line them up and shoot them all. That includes non-elected appointed slugs. Any party. Then we HAVE TO make major changes for elected and appointed politicians. 

Terms MUST be limited. Their salaries should NOT be voted on by themselves – the last big bill they voted themselves a $23,000 raise. Did YOU know that? Did YOU get a raise like that this year? Or ever? 

Any raises should be voted on by the public and highly dependent on a rating scale of how well they do their jobs (yanno, like it’s done in the REAL WORLD) and their attention to their duty AND OATH. THEY TAKE THE SAME OATH I DID and HONORED. They MUST THINK IT’S A JOKE.

Their attendance in their office and activity doing their jobs should also be part of that process.

The time for parasitic politicians is over. IT’S TIME FOR ACCOUNTABILITY.
No excuses.

Anything that’s connected to the CCP, directly or indirectly, has to be removed from our nation. This situation is more than unsat and unacceptable. 

Don’t ever, ever again accept mediocrity and shirk your responsibilities as an American citizen, unless you don’t care what kind of legacy YOU leave for your descendants. Those begin with finding out who the candidates are, what they stand for and issues you think are important and voting in elections.

We will win against the global cabal but don’t even think the fighting is over. Until we’re a strong Republic again we have a long way to go. That means running the Commies out of our Great Nation.

xiè xiè

I’m committed, my oath *never expires*. Are you?


ps. Politicians and their families MUST NOT get rich serving us, the people. PERIOD. If they can’t serve humbly and honestly they shouldn’t serve. There MUST be severe penalties and punishments for committing crimes of greed. NO EXCEPTIONS.

— An Old Piece of Leather. Once a Marine…always a Marine.