What It Really Means when Hit Pieces are Written, and What that Means for You

Topic: Corrupt Media

Capt. Seth KeshelApr 22

My general advice for all Americans with the ability to form original thoughts is to disregard everything from the mainstream media intended to shape one’s thinking.  Yesterday’s piece on polling in this SubStack demonstrates their evil intentions while using weaponized suppression polls to create election narratives.  The media also create narratives to govern public thought on foreign policy (see the Ukraine debacle), economics (running cover for government malfeasance), and race relations.

“Conservatives” display codependency in returning to their abusive news source, Fox News, frequently, even though they are the corporate media arm designed specifically for non-liberals.  Fox News was responsible for the false, premature call of Arizona by design and must never be forgiven for this transgression, which sent many Trump supporters to bed before the heists of Wisconsin and Michigan in the dark of night.

Still, any intelligence analyst worth his hide understands the value of gleaning true intent while perusing mainstream media content.  It’s a nasty job, but someone must do it.  The mainstream media tipped me off about the real state of the “Rust Belt” races in 2016, when they tried, unsuccessfully, to let out that Trump would not only carry Ohio but carry it with ease.  That led me to a successful triangulation of the surrounding states and accurate predictions of Trump carrying them.  In recent months, CNN’s own pollstershave returned numbers suggesting that a majority of Americans lack confidence in the elections system.  Remember, any polling done by a mainstream news source will deliberately skew the sample of respondents to either maximize impact or minimize damage.  Want a liberal Texas?  Easy.  Minimize the rural and suburban sample, and oversample Austin and Houston.

Knowing how pollsters manipulate the data and ask questions in deceptive ways, consider how damning CNN’s admission that most Americans don’t trust our elections is.  More conservative sources, like Rasmussen, ask flat-out if Americans think the 2020 election was decided by fraud, and regularly return numbers closing in on 60 percent who believe it was.  When the mainstream media calls election doubters, as well as the well-known names in the election integrity movement, cultists, QAnoners, conspiracy theorists, and spreaders of unfounded falsehood, they are simply trying to blot out the voices are driving the number of fraud-believers into the stratosphere.

Truly, if the liberal media narrative were correct, they wouldn’t expend staff hours and resources doing everything they can to cover up their garbage thought control exercises.  In fact, I would be more concerned about the viability of a movement if its key figures didn’t have the right enemies.  My first media enemy when I came onto the scene publicly was Bud Kennedy, a paid propagandist from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  He snuck into a presentation, my first serious public appearance regarding the 2020 election, sat in the back row, and didn’t have the guts to come up to me after the presentation to ask questions.  Instead, he took his shots from his failing paper, all because I pointed out the inconsistencies of a Republican incumbent posting a record performance in a Republican stronghold that mysteriously flipped for the first time in 56 years.

Since then, I have been featured in many mainstream news sources.  USA Today had a field day after President Trump put out a written statement regarding my work in August.  The Associated Press covered the same material, outsourcing their rebuttal to a political science professor, who shockingly disagreed with me.  It is almost like the media wants me to stop discussing what is arguably the largest political disaster in the history of our Republic.

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As I continued my march across the nation, new naysayers showed up.  Reuters started some spooky stuff, trying to connect the veterans in this movement to a concerted effort to cause mayhem in the nation.  That piece had official statements from the Department of Defense wagging a scolding finger at the featured individuals.  I could care less what they have to say; after all, perhaps they shouldn’t have trained me to analyze and disseminate intelligence with laser precision.

The New York Times even lined up to take their cuts in February.  You may wonder why prominent conservative names give lines to journals like this.  Allow me to explain – it is because they send you an email with what they are going to write, and it is typically so deranged, you have no choice but to correct the record.  It is my position that hit pieces such as those I have linked in this article are the “heads on pikes” meant to deter everyday Americans from engaging in the political process, or from pushing back on the leftist narratives meant to undermine everything it means to be American.

Let me offer you some encouragement.  I have worked with almost every notable name in the election integrity movement since November 2020.  With the constant infighting in the movement, from the national level all the way down to the individual states, it is very difficult to manage.  Some of these figures are controversial and generate media buzz that leads to an abnormal amount of hit pieces, often featuring yours truly as a supporting character.

With all these things working against me, not one single person in my life, out of thousands of friends, military peers, acquaintances, and professional connections, bothered to contact me and say, “Hey, did you know you were in The New York Times yesterday?”  I grew up in Mississippi.  Let me assure you, anyone who appeared in The Clarion Ledger would have the article mounted and paraded around town, even if its significance was owed to a single line describing an ice cream cone at a fair.  Not one person in my life, friend, foe, or indifferent, even acknowledged that I was trashed in the world’s most prominent publication.

In summary, you must march forward with boldness knowing that you will be the victim of relentless media attacks if you start making progress toward any goals that will restore the promise of America and halt the progression of anti-American “global” initiatives.  Show up, stand up, and be heard.  America needs to hear from you and benefit from your dreams and talents.