Merit Reader, one of our Radiopatriot fam, comments:

“Just saw video of very important COViD-19 update by Dc. Peter A McCollough, who is “enormously disturbed by the vaxxing of ANY children”, and is adamant about the continuation of vaxxing. The site is well known, on Rumble and other venues, called LIFE SITE NEWS, – The John-Henry Weston Show.
So much update information, even the mention of a new safe vax which works well for seniors.

This website is a serious venue where a lot of varied news updates are to be found. It is conservative and pro-life, and covers all nnewsworthy apolotical views and info about the workings of the Catholic Church. It does not solicit interest or membership into the Church. I am not a catholic, but never fail to read this blog by John-Henry Weston. Have learned so much; always inspiring and very interesting.

Andrea, post this only if you find it worthy. I would love for you to read it, as I believe there are important news-worthy facts by the now world famous, brilliant Dr. Peter A. McCollough. He has a lot to say!