Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Court Appearance for Alleged ‘Insurrection’ Was Absolutely Bonkers

  • I’ll admit to forgetting this was a thing, but apparently, Democrat activists are still trying to get Marjorie Taylor Greene thrown off the 2022 ballot under the guise that she promoted an insurrection.
  • What’s the evidence to support such a contention? Apparently, the use of common historical terms and the movie “Independence Day.” I’m not kidding. Greene took the stand, and what followed was just bonkers.
  • Here’s a taste of how silly things got.
  • Greene previously used the phrase “we will not go quietly into the night,” which prompted a showing of “Independence Day” in the courtroom (again, I’m not kidding), after which the congresswoman said that she did not get her inspiration from the movie. Of note is that the phrase is common, and as Greene notes, it first appeared in a poem during the mid-20th century. In other words, Hollywood ripped it off, and this looney lawyer didn’t even realize it, asserting that Greene saying it somehow meant she…had a desire to foment insurrection?
  • Of course, we also got QAnon talk.
  • What’s funny about this is that the lawyer obviously thought he had a moment lined up when he pressed Greene on whether she believes in QAnon. She blew it up, though, by quickly saying “no,” which countered the narrative he was seeking to push.