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First — A Preface (or message) by Zero Social Credits to the Spitballers community:

Good Morning All,

I have a lot of respect and admiration for this chat group and the admins here. It is a well-managed, smart group, more so than any other group by far.

I’m not sure if the nitty-gritty regarding the events during and after “The Reveal” has been spitballed. It seems that everyone is talking about the high-level path and not the details. My apologies if it has already been spitballed.

I jotted down some thoughts and wanted to get your feedback. I’ve been sitting on this for several weeks and vacillate about whether it should be published or trashed. I’m not an author.

I don’t want to black pill anyone, I’m certainly willing to undergo whatever it takes. However, regardless of the scenario, I can’t see how a transition to President Trump will be peaceful no matter how many people “want” Trump back – especially if “The Military Is The Only Way.” It’s become apparent that all of us Patriots know way too many Never-Trumpers and unhinged TDSers, not to mention Fox Conservatives and others who are asleep. And their side has the MSM and DS resources.

I don’t have, or intend to have, a newsletter, but I can’t figure out how to remove the header.

Thanks everyone, and God Bless!

You Say You Want A Devolution… 


Zero Social Credits4 hr ago31

Note: This is my opinion only. This post is pure speculation about what might happen following The Reveal – i.e. any public announcement possibly leading to Trump reclaiming the Whitehouse.

Of Course We Want Trump Back – What’s The Problem?

The majority of Americans now believe the 2020 election was fraudulent. This post assumes Devolution is currently in play. If you are not familiar with Devolution, please read Patel Patriot’s Devolution Series.

Possible “Reveal” scenarios include 1) an announcement about Devolution, 2) decertified elections leading to a re-election, and 3) one or more Supreme Court cases. There are certainly other scenarios. More in-depth details regarding possible scenarios are discussed here.

One commonly posited scenario is Trump first becoming Speaker of the House and in 2024 being re-elected President. There is sufficient evidence to discard this theory.

It’s seductively easy to think that everyone is on the same page as Devolution-Aware-Patriots, since we’ve been red-pilled for so long and tend to communicate with other like-minded, Devolution-aware Patriots and Anons on common non-censored platforms (Telegram, Truth Social, Gab, Rumble, Bitchute, Odyssey, Locals, Mastodon, etc). 

However, keep in mind that we have a very diverse, extremely polarized general population. This includes red-pilled Patriots, Fox-News Conservatives, Soros-funded BLM/Antifa foot soldiers, “leave me alone” Ruby Ridge types, rabid TDSers, illegal immigrants, non-English speakers, “Environmentalists,” Fauci-loving quad-boostered, double masked robots, 3-letter armed and lying corruptocrats, foreign-funded entities, and the MSM-brainwashed Mockingbird masses.

The vast majority of the population, including MAGA Trump supporters, Rally attendees, and newly converted Trumpers, have no idea what Devolution is and only have enough food to last until the next meal. They get their daily 5 minutes of news from the mainstream media, Google, Twitter, and Facebook – who continue to blame Trump and praise Biden. The “far right extremists” and “domestic terrorists” get their news from Fox. Everyone has been dumbed down for decades by the MSM, Woke Corporations, Education System, Big Tech, Hollywood, etc. To highlight how far we’ve declined, “I don’t know” is actually considered a valid response by a SCOTUS nominee when asked for the definition of a woman.

It is frequently said that, “The people must be shown” in order to wake up the normies. Being “shown” the disaster of the Biden residency is still a far-cry from abandoning the MSM, which is a far cry from undergoing the shock of becoming red-pilled / Q-pilled, which is still short of becoming Devolution-aware and ready to patriotically accept what may be needed.

How everyone will react after The Reveal remains to be seen. Some will gladly comply, others won’t, others will be violent, infiltrating, subversive, and everything across the spectrum. Patriots have seen all of this in the digital and physical realms.

What Is “Continuity of Government?” 

What Does “The Military Is The Only Way” Mean?

Let’s Dive Into the Weeds…

If President Trump’s goals are to reclaim the White House and to Drain the Swamp and to remove the entire global Deep State, Fed, Banking System – a lot of things must happen. Some things must happen immediately and others will be ongoing for years.

Optics, avoiding civil/global war, and avoiding the perception of a military coup have always been stated as reasons for President Trump to simply walk away after the stolen election. This post assumes that these will continue to be important during and following The Reveal.

It’s one thing to say in passing, “I don’t like high gas/food prices or the open border, I wish Trump was back.” It’s quite another to be confined to one’s residence after The Reveal under Martial Law while a heavily-armed military patrols the streets in Humvees and M1 Abram tanks to maintain law and order. Shanghai (sans Covid) is a glimpse into what Martial Law looks like.

Listed below are just some rough back-of-the-napkin thoughts regarding what might happen after The Reveal. The magnitude of this effort is enormous, certainly involves many people, and likely has been in the works for many years. It obviously involves much more than what is listed here.

I. Immediate Tasks:

  • Silence the Mainstream Media, i.e. the “Enemy of the people”
  • Close the world-wide banks and stock markets
  • Shut down most of the Internet, especially legacy Social Media platforms thereby cutting off a way for the opposition to communicate and organize
  • Take over communications and be able to reliably communicate to everyone
  • Crush the riots, anarchy, protests, etc. and detain the participants
  • Quell the hackers (foreign and domestic), scammers, panic buyers, gougers, opportunists, etc.
  • Stomp dissension. This isn’t the time for Free Speech or legality debates – fortunately, we have been prepared for loss of free speech by Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It works both ways
  • Identify and detain military/police/government officials who refuse to follow orders
  • Identify and detain infiltrators and those posing as military/police/utility/medical workers/food distributors, etc. in order to take advantage of, and/or subvert, the situation
  • Provide food for everyone
  • Provide necessary medicine for everyone
  • Provide emergency medical services (ambulances, hospitals, surgeons, staff)
  • Provide electricity for everyone
  • Provide water for everyone
  • Provide a way for a person to check up on another person if communications are out – “How is my Mom?”
  • Check up on everyone, particularly seniors, disabled, and home-bound people
  • Handle the homeless
  • Address Covid, mandates, masks, vaccines
  • Maintain military capability for national defense
  • Arrest and detain those previously involved in treason, corruption, and other serious infractions before they can escape or commit fake “suicide”

II. Tasks That Need To Happen Within A Few Weeks:

  • Provide ongoing communications/PR to inform, educate, and reassure people
  • Ensure a monetary system (existing, temporary, or new) accessible and usable for everyone – perhaps food/necessities only in the absence of military-controlled grocery stores / gas stations, etc.
  • Reopen the banks, stock markets, etc., with non-corrupt oversight
  • Relax curfew restrictions

III. Long-Term / Ongoing Tasks:

  • Remove everyone appointed by the illegal Administration – Fraud vitiates everything – this in itself is an enormous undertaking
  • Redo the entire 2020 election for down-ballot fraud
  • Appoint/confirm people to the now-vacant positions
  • If there is a new monetary system, ensure fairness and allocate accordingly (based on tax records or previous holdings prior to the Reveal)
  • Revamp the Federal and State Governments
  • Miscellaneous – there are many items in this category due to decades of neglect – many will require legislation, some won’t, all will likely entail resistance:
    • Remove illegal immigrants
    • Eliminate “safe haven” cities
    • Eliminate CRT
    • Remove and/or prosecute criminal Communist/Globalist infiltrators
    • Establish new Media
    • Protect our Borders
    • Many, many more…
  • Trials for those who were arrested and detained

Who Does What?

This is certainly a Top Secret, Need to Know Operation. Those at the top know the most the earliest. The planners, key civilian and military personnel, have likely known for a long time. As Game Day gets closer and troops get ready to deploy, the leaders of those tasks will need to be filled in. Note that they don’t need to know “Why?” only that, “Your battalion will be deploying to Portland to maintain civil order.”

The military and local police can handle the arrests, detainments, and civil order.

Ideally, Patriots (in groups of 2 or more) could be used for a myriad of low-level helper tasks like delivering food and medicine, transportation, checking up on people, etc. Perhaps these Patriots are being identified now via Social Media. Many of the corrupt non-profits and questionable “Foundations” are best avoided.

Fortunately, we had a trial run for pseudo-Martial Law during the Covid Lockdowns and various mandates, to which most gladly complied.

Final Thoughts

Although most Americans believe the 2020 election was fraudulent, very few are aware that the U.S. Government was overthrown, that we are at war, and that President Trump is a wartime President.

It is encouraging that President Trump and those likely in the know (Trump, Patel, Nunes, Pompeo, Pence, Scavino, etc.) are calm and have a sense of humor, even to the point of doing rallies, interviews, and trolling the media. It would seem that being a part of an effort of this magnitude with no precedent would be highly stressful. The fact that nothing has leaked is impressive.

This post didn’t cover the worldwide ramifications of The Reveal. Some countries are likely be in the know, have their own plans, and act concurrently with the U.S. Others won’t know anything until it happens. There will certainly be an enormous, negative effect (hopefully quick and temporary) on the global economy.

The Best Is Yet To Come. 

Thanks for reading, Patriots. God Bless Us All.