Spit Ball 

The political landscape is going to completely change.

What does that mean?

I want you to go back and remember what the political landscape looked like the day Trump took office.

We had a great victory putting Trump in office but the enemy that had infiltrated not just our government but our entire society was still in place.

Their greatest weapon, the media was still completely controlled and so were the social media companies where most people are now getting their news.

The enemy was still firmly planted in the court system, the justice department and a two tier justice system was still obvious to everyone.

I could go on but you get what I’m saying.

Then Trump for four years went to battle very publicly to defeat the enemies number one weapon, the media. He successfully painted them as fake news damaging them permanently and their ratings are still dropping.

While Trump’s administration went about exposing and removing the infiltrators in the executive branch.

He ignited the American people to take back their local governments.

Draining the swamp.

All of this was part of a larger plan being set up for the future after Trump was off the stage.

We are all speculating on how this sting operation will end. What the final act will be as this all plays out.

But I want you to think bigger.

I believe there are some things that will happen in a certain order that will completely change what the country looks like politically today.

Think about what it will look like if these things happen.

Think from a normies perspective.

Suddenly there are big indictments from Durham. Elias, the leading lawyer for the democrat party who is implicated in everything. Not just the Russia frame job of Trump but also the election steal in many states.

Then election officials in Maricopa county and Arizona are indicted. Arizona state legislature moves to decertify their electors from the 2020 election as calls from other states join and echo the fraud.

All of this will be playing out in the media which will be forced to report on it to the normies.

The storm.

Trump using the enemy’s weapon against them.

Then what if Hunter is indicted by Weiss? Or a Special Counsel is appointed to look into Biden?

A cascade of negative news for the entire democrat party that the media cannot ignore.

Do you understand the shift that will take place in normies minds?

How much they will be paying attention?

The whole nation will be watching.

Then one of two things happen. More states decertify putting Biden under 270 or as I believe the Supreme Court finally sees the evidence and tosses the entire election putting us in a constitutional crisis.

The media being forced to cover all of this.

Then the military takes over the government and because they already have the evidence they begin making mass arrests because it’s a nationwide RICO case.

Including people IN THE MEDIA.

Can you imagine the normies watching this happen and how the political landscape will change?

Can you imagine the lefties watching this happen and feeling sickening?

Then the corruption is revealed on a massive scale. 

There are only a small group of paid provocateurs by Soros and a lot of them have been rounded up.

What little violence there will be, the military will quickly end.

And the normies along with lefties you and I know personally will all believe the democrat party is toxic.

Remember Trump is off the stage. It won’t be about hating Trump, it will be about law and order. Crimes committed.

This country is going to be united like never before.

Right before a new special election that sweeps into office a tsunami of MAGA representatives and a new start.

Another 1776