“New NJ portal (see ⬇️) is simply too much to report but start with:

Joe Biden who says he knows nothing about Hunters business deals.

Psaki WH spokesperson spreads disinformation every day about practically everything and blames everybody else.

DHS Mayorkus who says the border is secure and under control.

BHO gives speech in disinformation by blaming Russian disinformation for HRC’s 2016 loss.

Hillary Clinton 30,000 bleached emails, started Russian Hoax, says Russian disinformation caused Trump to win.

Sec State Blinken said less than 100 left behind in Afghanistan.

All those who impeached Trump over a phonecall to Zelensky claiming quid pro quo. Go back to top.

51 intel leaders, MSM, Twitter, FB, Joe Biden all said Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation.

FBI/CIA for lying about Russian Hoax.

FBI people who won’t answer questions about any role in J6 riot.

Everyone who is saying there was no election fraud in 2020 election.

Anyone who is telling there is no such thing as boys and girls to elementary school kids.

Anyone including BLM types who say police are systemic racists, with no facts to back it up. 

Anyone in NJ who says all of the above is disinformation.”