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Antarctica & John Kerry.

Mike Pompeo even spoke on John Kerry’s emergency flight to Antarctica he took on the VERY night Trump won the 2016 election.

All these nations “at war” with each other, but signed a treaty to stay out of Antarctica? Nah. The bloodlines controlling those nations made that rule.


Aside from Lockheed Martin having bases of operations there, a giant hole from the plasma vortex 🌀 due to the way magnetism’s point source (laser) propagation resulting in no matter being able to form in that vortex, what ELSE is there?

Besides ancient ruins they couldn’t move due to ice?

Its a natural deep freezer

Lots of Adrenochrome ON THE MARKET was circulating.

You’ve also gotta have stockpiles NOT TO BE CONSUMED / SOLD, in the event of an EMERGENCY. ie, natural disaster, or a virus wipes out 3/4 of the population.

It’s very expensive shit.

You don’t wanna build expensive power stations for coolers in CA & have it taken out by hackers or solar storms, ruining it

ie, warehouses FULL in Antarctica